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Billable Accounts. Select Customer from the Left Navigation and Add a New Customer. This is your billing entity. You can configure the account as pre-‐paid or. The Asterisk A2Billing Calling-Card-Platform A guide to the basics of using A2Billing the asterisk Handbook (). Maual. Contribute to eluizbr/Manual development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Manually adding customer payment in A2Billing

A PC or Server is required to run the software. The size and specification of the PC will be based on the number of concurrent calls that are expected to pass through the platform, and the codecs chosen by the calling card operator. Refer to the Digium website and [ http: The A2Billing platform has many features that are only found in high end calling card platforms costing many thousands of dollars.

Although there are a number of clone cards, it is recommended that Digium cards are purchased for two reasons. Asterisk is designed by Digium, and given that they supply the cards, one expects the cards to work with Asterisk with the minimum of effort.

Digium makes most of its money by selling Asterisk associated hardware, and given that Asterisk is open source, it is in all our interests that the company continues to be supported financially to improve and bring more features to Asterisk.

Ensure that the VoIP provider allows concurrent calls.

Documentation (Admin) | A2Billing

In order to take full advantage of all the features offered by A2Billing, a broadband connection will be required, preferably with a fixed IP address. The amount of broadband will dictate how many concurrent calls you can make. The number of calls that ADSL Asymmetric Services can carry will be dictated by the upstream speed, irrespective of the downstream speed. Broadband is also required by the web interface to allow your customers to sign up online, and to make payments via Paypal.

A2Billing is equipped with a PayPal payment gateway. So having set up a PayPal business account, A2billling gives the facility to collect payments online and securely with customers topping up their calling cards with either PayPal or any major credit card. A2Billing also supports Authorise. To install A2Billing, refer to the wiki at Installation but in brief you will need to do the following: Linux distributions are available from a number of sources e.

Many people who endeavour to install A2Billing are more skilled in telecoms and business than in Linux, and there are plenty of people who can install and configure the system on your behalf including the A2Billing team. Having said that, building the system is fairly simple using readily available tools. The following tools are recommended for a Windows user. Provides a terminal screen from your Windows based computer to the calling card server. WinSCP provides a Windows Explorer style graphical user interface to the Calling card server that allows you to drag and drop files to and from the calling card server, as well as providing basic functionalities such as edit, delete and Zip.

A web based management system often described as the swiss army knife of Linux. This is installed on Linux and allows you to make configuration changes to Linux, and the services that it runs via a simple web interface. A recommended read for anyone new to Asterisk, and will help you to get an idea on how to configure Asterisk. Having installed the programs above, you should now have a basis of a working system; however there are one or two changes to be made. Open the file, a2billing. The file is well commented, and it should be clear as to what needs to be done.


All the basic settings of A2Billing are contained within this file. The management interface allows the system to be configured. When dealing with a new installation there are a number of tasks that need to be carried out to set up the system before customers can be added.

It is assumed that you have configured trunks in Asterisk; you know the carrier cost of your calls, and the price that you intend to charge your end customer. The A2Billing interface can be accessed through [http: Specific instructions on each section are below, however the order of events is as follows: Many thousands of pounds can be lost in a very short space of time should your platform be compromised.

A customer has a number of properties, mainly a card number, an Alias and a password. The card numbers are unique, and both identify the customer as well as providing secure access.

The numbers are generated randomly with no obvious pattern, so that a hacker cannot calculate valid card numbers.

The customer is also assigned with a numeric ID, which is simply consecutively numbered at 1. Attached to the card number is an Alias. This number, or the customer’s email address is used to log in to the web site graphical user interface.

Customers can be created by: Customers previously created are listed here. Click edit to change the properties of a customer. The fields are all fairly self explanatory, with text below most fields to explain and clarify the purpose of the field.

Clicking Edit will give access to the individual properties of the customer. The form allows VAT to be charged, as well as selecting which tariff group will apply to this customer. Additionally, the page allows the administrator to search for a specific card, or a batch of cards. Alternatively, certain properties of the card can be batch updated. It is from this interface that cards are topped up manually via the refill button. This tops up the card, and the when payment is received, it is appplied via the Add New Payment button.

Create customer allows the administrator to create a single customer. Certain fields are pre-filled, such as the card number, Card Alias and password. The card number and the password are used to authenticate a SIP or IAX client, while the Card Alias or customer email address and password are used to access the customer web interface.

Simultaneous and individual access can be set here.

This is a very powerful tool to reduce fraud. If individual access is enabled, then the fraudster will only be able to make a relatively few calls, thus reducing your exposure.

Customers can be set up as either Pre-paid or Post-paid. Pre-paid customers have to charge their account with a sum of money before they can make calls. Each time that the customer makes a call, the balance can be read out to them. Post-pay customers pay the operator on receipt of an invoice, after the call has been made. However, to limit the liability and debt risk, a credit limit can be set-up within the system, which if exceeded; the customer will be able to make no more calls.

The Generate customers section allows the administrator to create multiple cards with the same properties, which can then be printed on physical cards and sold via retail outlets. More information on individual fields can be gleaned from the list or create customer screens. Having created a customer, they can be set up as SIP Friends.

Thus, customers using a SIP client can authenticate directly to the platform using the SIP protocol, without the need to enter a card number each time a call is made. Additionally the ingress cost for a SIP call is regarded as 0. The cost is a fixed cost based on the cost of broadband, rather than a per minute cost using DISA Direct Inwards System Accesstypically a toll free number.


The SIP client needs to be given the address of the platform, the username is the card number, and the password is the password found in list customers. Individual SIP parameters can be edited here. The purpose of each parameter is described in the book, Asterisk, The Future of Telephony, as well as in the www.

When a SIP friend is created, it is necessary to reload the settings on Asterisk.

Documentation (Admin)

This action does not drop any calls already in progress. Caller IDs are listed in this screen. When a customer calls in to the A2Billing platform, the CLI calling line identifier is delivered to the platform. If the CLI is recognised, then the customer will be authenticated via the CLI manuwl the need to enter a2billig card number.

Thus it is important to note that the CallerID must be unique throughout the system.

Speed dials are listed here. The customer can set up their own speed dials via their web interface, or they can be set up in the administrator screens. Speed dials for customers are created in this screen.

The number of speed dials that a customer can create is set in the a2billing. The Billing screens are where payments and general accounting takes place.

Normally, when doing company accounts, figure from the calling card platform a2blling entered as one figure in the nominal ledger, while the calling card platform is seen as the cash book. A2Billing features a full set of accounting tools to be able to track payments from a variety of sources, as well as a2bioling able to administer debt for individual customers.

A2Billing has a payment gateway integrated with PayPal. The settings for the payment gateway are configured within a2billing.

Cards can be topped up via the customer web interface by pre-defined amounts, in virtually any currency In order to use PayPal, a business account has to be created in PayPal, who will then give you the appropriate settings to put into the system. The view money situation shows a list of total payments, refills and the outstanding balance for each customer.

Clicking on payment shows all payments for that customer, while clicking on refill shows all refills a2billinb the customer. Cards can be refilled from the refill icon at a2billling top of the page in List Customers. This will apply credit to a card; however, a payment is expected to balance off the refill.

Viewing payments give a list of all payments received, and which card the payments were set against. Once the payment has been entered, there is no way to delete the payment, or to correct it, without editing the back end database. Therefore if a mistake has been made, a balancing payment must a2billibg made to correct the mistake. As the title suggests, this screen gives the ability to add a new payment against a2bi,ling customer. The payments must be entered in the chosen base currency.

The base currency is set up in a2billing. Vouchers are a mechanism whereby customers can top up their cards by purchasing a voucher from a retail outlet. Vouchers are created with unique randomly generated numbers on them.