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AD Datasheet PDF Download – Transistor, AD data sheet. Tube AD or Röhre AD ID, Transistor, SPECIAL TUBEBASE in general and Power/Output shown. Radio tubes are valves. AD Datasheet, AD PDF, AD Data sheet, AD manual, AD pdf, AD, datenblatt, Electronics AD, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, .

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Delay time Rise time Storage time Fall time 0. Absolute maximum ratings are limiting values of operating and ax162 mental conditions applicable to any device of a specified type as defined by the published data, and should not be exceeded under the worst probable conditions.

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A second subscript may be used to identify the circuit configuration. Drain is 6V positive w. The total maximum permissible continuous power dissipation in the transistor and includes both the collector-base dissipation and the emitter-base dissipation.

Peak value of the varying component of the emitter current. Cut-off frequency I C Ic av max The maximum permissible average value of the total collector current.

Explanation of Handbook Data 1. Conversely, for matched pairs with a higher gain, the resultant negative feedback is increased and a higher h pE ratio will maintain the necessary protection against distortion. Hence the thermal resistance is calculated using average power. Thus for any heatsink of known thermal resistance dataasheet any given ambient temperature, the maximum permissible power dissipation can be estab- lished. This ring should not be removed until after the device has been mounted in the circuit.

Thermal resistance from junction to th j-a 25 V 15 V 18 V 10 V 1. The devices on which full data are given in these books are those around which we would recommend equipment to be designed. The transistor has a very low feedback capacitance and is primarily intended for use datashret the output stage of television video i. Tentative Data Tentative data aims at providing information on new devices as early as possible to allow the datzsheet to proceed with circuit design.


Full data for these types are available on request. Under these circumstances the leads should be retinned using a suitable activated flux.

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TO Collector connected to the metal part of the mounting surface. Item 1 must then be mounted upside datashheet. The families of curves are plotted at duty cycles of single-shot 0T, and 10 d.

Type Polarity Outiline Maximum Ratings ‘tot h min. To assist in determining the rating in this second area, further curves are provided relating the voltage rating to external circuit conditions, for example: The transistor may be dip-soldered at a solder temperature of C for a maximum time of 5 seconds. Transistors may be dip-soldered at a solder temperature of C for a maximum soldering time of 5 seconds. Block 20 45 20 45 50 50 60 50 50 30 50 50 80 40 50 0. The case temperature during soldering must not at any time exceed the maximum storage temperature.

A — diode or rectifier C — transistor AP — photodiode CP — phototransistor A’Z — voltage regulator diode The group of figures is a serial number indicating a particular design or develop- ment. The BC is primarily intended for use in audio driver stages and television signal processing circuits.

Therefore, the system for using the SOAR and transient thermal impedance curves to be described deals with this type of waveform first, and then methods for other practical cases will be considered. TO-1 construction with envelope isolated. If the application condition just exceeds the selected SOAR curve, then linear interpol- ation between the family of curves used and the next lower duty cycle curves. Input impedance le Voltage feedback ratio Small signal current gain Output admittance min.


Encapsulated in the TO envelope with the collector connected to the can. I c mA max.

The BC is suitable for low voltage applications e. The type nomenclature of a discrete device or, in certain cases, of a range of devices, consists of two letters followed by a serial number.

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A rating system is a set of principles upon which ratings are established and which determines their interpretation. Care must be taken to ensure good thermal contact eatasheet the mounting baseandtheheatsink. Encapsulated in a TO-3 envelope.

Rectangular heatsinks sides a and 2a When mounted with long side horizontal, multiply by 0. FET enhancement mode VpigS s; 0, ll,s. Encapsulated in a TO plastic envelope with collector connected to the heatsink. The normal polarity version stud cathode datadheet no special final letter.

Published curves are usually typical curves and are applicable only at the stated temperature. Actual pulse widths of 1. The equivalent squarewave pulses are shown by the dashed line and are marked Dstasheet, P 2and P3 in Fig.

Operation is allowed under all base-emitter conditionsprovided no limiting values are exceeded. Book 1 blue Semiconductor devices and integrated circuits Book 2 orange Valves and tubes Book 3 green Passive components, materials, and assemblies.

When using a soldering iron, transistors may be soldered directly into the circuit, but heat conducted to the junction should if possible be adtasheet to a minimum by the use of a thermal shunt. V e When the common terminal is understood the second subscript may be omitted.

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SOAR limits are exceeded. The definitions of the three systems accepted by the International Electro- technical Commission are as follows: Collector knee voltage see Fig.

V All dimensions in mm Collector connected to envelope Accessories available: