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Documents, presets, manuals Alesis Quadraverb Plus – Audiofanzine. View and Download Alesis Plus user manual online. Alesis QuadraVerb Plus Audio-digital processor: User Guide. Plus Processor pdf manual download. Alesis Quadraverb Plus, Music Technology, Apr those investing in the Quadraverb Plus will find themselves in possession of two manuals amounting to .

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WITH THE SORT of “extras” we’ve been looking at here, it would have been quite easy for Alesis to justify the release of an entirely new effects unit and left owners of existing Quadraverbs to hawk their machines around the shops looking for a good part-exchange deal or chance their arm in the classified columns – in other words, upgrading the hard way. As the mass “digitalisation” of equipment took place, however, qusdraverb particular form of modulation became less and less common.

The hardware quadravetb the QuadraVerb remains unchanged. Akesis the cumulative delay time of the 8 taps exceed milliseconds 1. Pressing the value buttons will select the desired decay time. A similar, but more straightforward effect is provided by the Resonators which the Quadraverb Plus now sports. The ring modulator treatment will be most valuable for special effect on voices or sound effects.

The resonator qudaraverb also chromatically follow incoming MIDI notes. Please note that the effect will only be heard when both the left and right outputs of the Quadraverb are in use. This can be accomplished by referring to the “Modulating the Parameters” section of the QuadraVerb Users Manual on page There are 5 resonators in the QuadraVerb Plus.

VALUE range is 0 to Page of 25 Go. In playback, the sample start and length times can be altered for special effects or to trim the playback of the sample to the actual start point of the sound. In playback, the sample start and length times can be altered for special effects or to trim the playback of the sample to the actual start point of the sound. Pressing the value buttons will select the desired amount of Panning or Tremolo Depth. This is a global parameter, scaling the feedback of all taps at once.


The initial resonating frequency of each resonator can be individually adjusted tuned on a chromatic scale. The amount of shift is identical for the up, and down outputs, and is specified in Hertz by the Shift Mnual parameter.

To playback again, press the eq button again. When the first LED dB lights, the input signal has passed the audio threshold and recording has begun.

In Figure 1C, the Pitch Shift amount is shifted down by Hz, which means that the fundamental and all of its related harmonics are shifted down by the same Hz amount. When the start of the sample is moved, the length of a loop is maintained unless the end of the sample alessi reached before the loop duration.

Alesis Quadraverb / Quadraverb Plus Resource Files

Since the ratio between the input signal’s harmonics is not preserved, the resulting sound is drastically different from the original. Pressing the value buttons will select the desired amount of Panning or Tremolo Speed. manuak

The last two new effects, Auto-Panning and Tremelo Modulation, share quadarverb common identity in that they’re both essentially amplitude modulation effects, and to that extent are mutually exclusive – you can’t run both simultaneously. In case that’s not interesting enough in its own right, how about adding auto-panning and tremolo effects to the offer?

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The playback can be further altered by having a variety of sources to trigger the sample. That they have done neither will, I’m sure, reflect very positively on them and ensure some loyal customer qudraverb in the years to come.

Quwdraverb Panning allows a signal that has first been routed through the EQ section of either of the above configurations to automatically pan from side to side at a selectable rate.

Alesis Plus User Manual

Though there is a precedent for including sampling facilities on an effects unit, the Quadraverb Pls takes it on board in a fairly serious way. Press a key and the sample plays, release it and playback stops.

This page selects whether the input signal to Input 1 of the Delay section is derived either before Qadraverb or after Post the EQ. Similarly, it wouldn’t have been difficult for them to justify adding at least another 50 quid to the price of the Quadraverb to cover all the extra features, and put it down to inflation.


Full text of “Alesis Quadraverb Plus Users Manual”

If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps! To print the manual completely, please, download it. To playback again, press the 3 The volume of the sample can be increased or decreased by the control of the QuadraVerb Plus. Press two keys and The harmonics are normally even multiples of the fundamental, or 2 times the fundamental, 3 times the fundamental, 4 times the fundamental, etc.

MIDI triggering is also possible, and here again, two options exist.

Press a different key and the sample plays back at the corresponding pitch. To select this configuration, first press the config button, then press the value buttons until the display reads: Page 12 This can happen in two ways. PAGE This page simultaneously adjusts the decay time of the five alesls. With a little patient setting up, you can produce some excellent results which more than justify the inclusion of the Resonators on what is, after all, a sound processor rather than a sound generator.

And it’s all well written and very explicit. One option is equipment upgrades – Quadraverb owners come on down. Alesiss, you can tap into the overall delay span – which may extend to some 1.

The maximum record time is 1. The following illustration shows how the timing of adjacent taps behave when a single delay time is modified Tap manuall delay is changed from ms to ms in this example: Though maximum sampling time is limited to 1. Full marks, then, to Alesis for acknowledging its potential and including it as an effect among those we are more accustomed to seeing on signal processors.