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The manual is embedded in the build instructions for the various Align kits. This appears to come out of the manual. At least its identical to. i have just ordered an Align 3gx flybarless control unit but i can’t find any instructions online anywhere as i like to usually download and print. Align 3Gx flybarless setup problem Electric Heli Talk. Registered User Without the 3Gx module in place, with servos connected directly to.

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Please double check this. Subsequent setup mode is entered by a single press of the SET button. With all channels stationary, move manul transmitter elevator stick forward, and then back to center position. Adjust the maximum collective pitch mmanual the transmitter’s swashplate mixing function pitch swash AFR.

Confirm the transmitter is powered up, and throttle stick is at lowest position. Feb 05, Setup mode will exit if no activity is detected in 10 seconds. Problem solved — the manual is wrong!!

Insert bind plug into 3gx 2. Options Quote message in reply? The control unit will determine the CCPM mixing ratio manuall traditional mechanical mixing maximum elevator endpoints. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. For radio with built in gyro gain settings, gain can be adjusted directly.

The good news is if its a Futaba S-bus receiver then it is capable of using s-bus and one wire to control the lot. If not this will effect the travel of the servos The control unit will determine the maximum aileron endpoints.


Align 3gx pdf manual | Model Flying

Feb 04, Maybe our manuals are different: In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. Gyro gain For radio with built in gyro gain settings, gain can be adjusted directly. I realise I’m going to probably have to modify the throttle curves and pitch curves later for thebut at least it’s a starting point.

This completes the rudder endpoint limit adjustment for the left side. That’s a bit awkward for, if 3gxx read the CD correctly, I have to do that with the 3Gx installed in the heli, which means bringing the whole thing to my PC because I don’t have a laptop like they show in the CD.

If im not mistaken I believe Futaba does not make satellites for there receivers or one that is compatible with the 3gx. My supplier even supplied me with another 3GX to try and of course that didn’t solve the problem. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, 3ggx enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Jul 25, This appears to come out of the manual. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

Originally Posted by bad What software, this software. Press the SET button to enter E. Originally Posted by 3ddd.

This setup mode sets the elevator gyro direction Tilt the helicopter forward and check if swashplate is aligj correctly toward the back. Manua, haven’t been able to find the bind procedure, can anyone help me out?? Aug 14, The result is a dramatic stability improvement from previous generation, with stability that rivals a flybarred helicopter, yet posses explosive agility. Are you sure you don’t remove the bind plug after powering down?


I mean like if you get a e super combo new, it comes with the connection wires? This completes the aileron endpoint setup process.

Align 3gx pdf manual

If the helicopter hovering tend one side, it means the swashplate doesn’t keep horizontal when setting. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. When I connect everything up to the 3Gx module, using a receiver battery, and putting it into DIR mode, the swash servo that’s in channel 6 behaves erratically. Tilt the manuao forward and check if swashplate is tilting correctly toward the back.

I also noticed that adjusting the sub-trim for channel 6 in my transmitter didn’t have any effect on the servo; doing the same for channel 1 I could see and feel channel 1 servo arm moving slightly. The goal is to find the maximum gain without tail hunting. In mine the section on RFS connection middle of page only says, “Care should be taken to ensure proper wire color to channel connection.