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American Hero [Larry Beinhart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A funny, ingenious and outrageous political thriller joining Hollywood. American Hero [Larry Beinhart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lee Atwater is on his deathbed. He isn’t thinking death. He’s thinking. American Hero [Larry Beinhart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS. –The Washington Post Book World Don’t.

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The book formed the inspiration and basis for the film, Wag the Dog.

This book has loads of footnotes, which drove me crazy! Trivia About American Hero. Beinhart has done an excellent job of making it possible to think smerican dissenting thoughts simultaneously.

American Hero by Larry Beinhart

It is television and bienhart pictures. As the book advances, our protagonist is estranged from his company by his and their actions and we learn a lot about his past.

To achieve realism no distinction is made among these elements. Refresh and try again. The New York Times. Consider that the book, while speculating on the origins of the first Gulf War, is frighteningly prescient in regard to the second invasio Beinhart has crafted an engaging, erudite thriller that reveals more than most folks are comfortable knowing about the spectacle of modern American “war.

It’s not the movie. Preview — American Hero by Larry Beinhart.

It does have some unusual traits. Want to Read saving…. And very interesting conclusions can be drawn.


The story is packaged as a crime novel, with amerivan Mickey Spillane type character—a masculine, tough, wisecracking covert security agent who becomes romantically linked with a famous and gorgeous actress—whose mission is to retrieve the memo written by a dying Lee Atwater that gave birth to the idea. I know several people that would be oh-so happy with just that chapter alone.

A new and total wholesomeness pervaded Hollywood’s America. Haven’t read this book beinhat but saw the movie and it’s actually NOT about dogs, but about a concept that is a bit scary to see played out.

It was decided that the true character of the nation was just–nice. While I am intrigued by the thought of this new material, I was not that unhappy with the ending of americn novel.

You get what I mean–did she learn it from the same movies I saw, or is this one of those quintessential feminine moves that directors and actresses, they’re aware of and they set out to capture for the silver screen?

Wag the Dog (novel) – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. If you like straight crime drama, you might want to check out his Tony Cassella series, which I intend to read and rate.

American Hero is an interesting novel. Honestly, my favorite parts were the footnotes that Beinhart put in to show what was a recognized as a fact. Here is a propaganda novel about propaganda. Return to Book Page.

Yero has crafted an engaging, erudite thriller that reveals more than most folks are comfortable knowing about the spectacle of modern American “war.


American Hero

The war was just a means to an end. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I wondered if he might have exposed too much or too many, and if maybe that put him in jeopardy. Those who would pull back the curtain.

In the political part, President George Bush and Jim Baker are given an idea from a man on his deathbed. It is a book rife with satire, sarcasm, revenge, callousness, politics, hubris, and farce.

The political segment of the story is reminiscent of Capote’ There are two parallel stories in this novel. A lot of those irrelevant parts were also really awkward and uncomfortable to read. Nice Guy gets up off the floor, squares up man to man with Mr.

This is a novel of fact and fiction. In the other portion of the story, a young Hollywood actress comes to see investigator, Joe Broz. Both work for large, professional companies and both employ a range of talent with high skill levels.

The style is witty, the plot has the required complexity and requisite twists and turns, and moreover, is very well written.