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Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Louis Andriessen: De Stijl; Trepidus; Dances – Louis Andriessen on AllMusic – – The. The elements of De Staat’s ensemble demonstrate what Andriessen is The third, De Stijl (Style), is a boogie-woogie tone-poem inspired by. Pre-proceeding. In the movement “De Stijl” from his oratorio De Materie, Louis Andriessen adapts Piet Mondrian’s Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue .

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Of the two recordings, the Nonesuch is clearly preferable; while the premiere of De Stijl was a good andridssen, this performance is still a bit rough around the edges and the recording perspective is distant, favoring the percussion over everything else. Although the Attacca disc does not provide a great deal of detail about the origin these recordings, they appear to be live, probably of the premiere performances as captured in Dutch radio broadcasts. For Andriessen, that meant what amounted andriwssen a decades-long aversion to the sustaining line of string instruments, and an almost genetic attraction to the rhythmic power and potential of brass, winds, percussion and electric instruments — a sort of souped-up version of the kind of ensemble Stravinsky loved the best.

Andriessen’s profound affinity with Stravinsky has produced, as well as refractions of Igor’s stojl in his own idiom, one of the best books ever written about the Russian composer, The Apollonian Clockwork.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. The thing is, Andriessen’s music really has changed the music of a state — no Dutch composer has been as influential on musical culture, especially in his home country, as Andriessen, and his importance internationally has only expanded as his career has gone on. His music is not always concerned with those fissile social questions, and many of his pieces explore the fundamentals of a listening experience, getting to grips with the raw materials of music.

Jazz Latin New Age. I deplore the fact that Plato was wrong. Don’t bet against it, Louis; maybe Plato was right after all ….

That group was founded as a reproach to the existing behemoths of Dutch classical musical life, which Andriessen and his friends and fellow provocateurs, including conductor Reinbert de Leeuw and pianist Misha Mengelbergfought against in the s and 70s. Ditto the fiery moto perpetuo the whole ensemble creates in unison in the middle of the piece, or the waves of strange repeated chords that pass through the music near the end — a weirdly disturbing noise that’s both static yet full of energy?


For me, De Staat is the solar plexus — or at least one of the solar plexi — of Andriessen’s output because it brings together the andriiessen of his musical and political thinking, but also because of the sounds that it makes.

De Stijl (De Materie part III)

Streams Videos All Posts. How can you resist the aggressive lyricism of this music, its moments of gigantic tension and explosive release — such as, for example, the moment when that austere energy created by the four amdriessen and then the four trombones you hear at the start is suddenly but inevitably shattered by the thrilling wall of sound of the full ensemble?

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. The second, a nun’s vision of her union with Jesus, is a magnificently ve scena for solo female singer and ensemble called Hadewijch.

Compositional techniques in Louis Andriessen’s “De Stijl” by Joel Matthys on Prezi

If only it were true that musical innovation could stiml the laws of the state! The third, De Stijl Styleis a boogie-woogie tone-poem inspired by Piet Mondrian’s work, and the final panel is a mesmerising meditation on death, andiessen musically to a work by Andriessen’s father, the composer Henrik. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

A conundrum for every conscientious 20th- and 21st-century composer has been how music relates to politics: The elements of De Staat’s ensemble demonstrate what Andriessen is on about when he says that even the lineup you choose as a composer reflects a complex cultural politics. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Although it was written for a pre-existing group, the Netherlands Wind EnsembleDe Staat’s instrumentation which includes harps, pianos, three electric guitars and just four string-instruments — a group of violas reflects Andriessen’s years working with his own band, De Volharding Perseverance, named after another Andriessen piece.

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. They were scarcely listened to, so set up their own groups that would be more flexible and radical and genuinely reflect new musical thinking. De Stijl forms the third part of Andriessen ‘s trilogy De Materie and is one of his major pieces, written as an homage to Dutch abstractionist and boogie-woogie fancier Piet Mondrian.

Sitjl relies heavily on JavaScript. Topics Music A guide to contemporary classical music. For the whole piece, you’ll need Spotify, and De Staat is a better reason than most to sign up for it if andriexsen haven’t already! This is performed by the ensemble Kaalslag i.

Claron McFadden contributes her marvelously pure and weightless soprano voice to a anndriessen, ethereal accompaniment provided by the Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra under Gunther Schuller.


Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Andriessen fans will want this just to have Dances; others should wait until this work finds issue on disc along with recordings that are less disposable.

You’ll be as blown away by the energy of De Stijl as I was if you haven’t heard it before.

How you arrange your musical material, the techniques you use and the instruments you score for, are largely etijl by your own social circumstances and listening experience, and the availability of financial support. Even as such, it utilizes features that are readily associated with Andriessenfor example boogie-woogie bass lines, chattering saxophones in the manner of Stravinsky ‘s Ebony Concerto, and highly rhythmic and prominent percussion.

The links are powered by Skimlinks. However, the moment the musical material is ordered it becomes culture and hence a social entity. Show 25 25 50 All. How does one connect with, and even change, the other? One answer stijk be found by listening to this, an ds from year-old Dutch composer Louis Andriessen’s De Staat. I do agree, though, that abstract musical material — pitch, duration and rhythm — are beyond social conditioning: That includes string instruments: In an inevitably reductive nutshell, Andriessen’s music is the sound of the most fruitful of collisions between political radicalism, minimalist pulsation and European modernism; at its most profound, it’s much more than that.

De Stijl — Trepidus — Dances is a no-nonsense packaging of three Andriessen works that made their bow between and Release Date September 26, Sexy Stijp All Moods.

A guide to Louis Andriessen’s music

In Andriessen’s own words: It’s best heard together, but Andriessen — and I! Don’t bet against it, Louis; maybe Plato was right after all … Five key links De Stijl Hadewijch Workers Union De Snelheid De Volharding This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. Music to change the world?

And if anriessen a composer who’s dissatisfied with the way the world works — or even the way the musical world works — what can your music do to comment on it, criticise it, protest against it and possibly transform it?