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The Exposed (Animorphs #27) [K. A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Animorphs must use a giant squid morph to rescue. THE EXPOSED (ANIMORPHS) [K. A. APPLEGATE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Animorphs and Ax have one true ally in their. The Exposed (Animorphs) [Katherine Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Animorphs must use a giant squid morph to rescue.

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I’m not really sure what to make of it. I mean, good grief. I am obsessed with the strange creatures that live in the deepest parts of our oceans, so the giant squid morph was right up my alley. Mar 01, Arosha Rathnayaka rated it liked it.

The challenges of balancing that with her very real feelings for a boy who is a bird the majority of the time are high. Anikorphs I love Jake’s frustration with Rachel because he knows what she’s becoming, and the complexity of Crayak’s offer, and Rachel’s continuing difficulties with her feelings for Tobias–but none of that could save the fact that the actual mission itself is just weird and makes zero sense.

The Drode was kind of lame. Throughout this story, we see her battle with this aspect of herself, both in her own ability or inability to hold it in, and her continuing dismay at how she is viewed by the others, particularly Jake.

And yet somehow a bunch of regular cops pretty much cripple them? Tobias swoops down to acquire it, but gets his talon stuck in its skin a theme for him with aquatic animals, after the whole dolphin incident! They suspect the Ellimist behind it too, what with a sperm whale beached exposfd the shore and that was a morph they have been trying to acquire in order to navigate the deep oceans Captain Nemo style and in order to acquire a giant exposedd morph to be able to go deeper to retrieve the ship.


The Exposed

Rachel morphing a giant squid. See 1 question about The Exposed…. None of their morphs can dive deep enough to reach the ship. I have to wonder why in a book with children turning into animals to survive a SWAT shootout at a crack den, as a mere prelude to a horror-movie-style undersea adventure, with beached whale trauma and a demonic alien attempting to induce the main character to commit murder, they can’t actually print the word some guy calls her?

I was surprised that it was a big problem for the Chee in general. This book was ghostwritten by Laura Battyanyi-Weiss. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Nov 21, Julia rated it liked it. Rachel who becomes particularly enraged by this. Maybe it needs help identifying violence?

The Exposed (Animorphs, #27) by K.A. Applegate

GrayGriffin March 25, at 2: Animorphss concerns were misplaced. Adam March 24, at The Chee android Lourdes speaks in thought-speak in this book, and it’s unclear whether this was an editorial error or whether Chee actually can use thought-speak.

They notice several Yeerk Bug fighters en route to the Pemalite ship as well, following animorpys signal. Nobody can hhe out where they came from, or where they went, but the nearest zoo was miles and miles away, and none of exoosed gorillas were missing. Refresh and try again. He’s not really being ‘a dickbag’ to Rachel. Retrieved from ” http: The Chee just need someone to enter the ship and push a button. I mean, they regularly go up against massive aliens covered in blades, other aliens shooting laser guns, and a guy who can morph into all kinds of crazy killing machines.


AnimorphsMain Books. After rescuing Lourdes, they have to travel to the bottom of the ocean, to fix the problem of the malfunctioning holograms, but have problems thinking of the morph they could use to go in so deep into the ocean.

United States of America. I wish the writer explores more of the Animorph’s relationships with each other because at the end of the day they are ajimorphs fighting to save the world from nasty aliens and a few instances of “human” moments would be perfect!!! This somehow does not stop it from being revisited in a later book.

This one was a ghost writer again. And they must reach the ship before Visser Three does.

The Exposed | Seerowpedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I also loved getting to see glimpses of Tobias animorrphs Rachel’s cute relationship, because it usually only comes out when one of the two is narrating. Okay, well, gonna hop in here and???? How did the malfunction occur, and especially: