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General prosthetic advice for Ankylos®. In order to obtain utmost benefit from the unique restorative features of the Ankylos implant system, please observe the. General prosthetic advice for ANKYLOS®. In order to obtain Please read this manual carefully before using the system for the first time and always observe the . ANKYLOS® Surgical Instruments. Guided Surgery with ExpertEase™. PROSTHETICS. ANKYLOS® Prosthetic Components. ANKYLOS® Regular C /.

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This will establish and maintain the connective tissue attachment.

The Simple Solutions abutment with Laser-Lok is designed to be seated at the time of implant placement or uncovery and remain in place through the final restoration. The abutment is designed for easy delivery using an.

dental implant prosthetics

These abutments are designed to be seated at the time of implant placement or uncovery and remain in place through final anklos. The 3inOne abutment is the most versatile abutment on the market because of its three useful functions: The BioHorizons dental implant Interactive Prosthetic Technique Manual is designed to aid clinicians in restorative procedures of BioHorizons dental implants with conical internal hex platforms.


Our conical abutment-implant connection and tight machining tolerances create a “wedging effect” that produces a biologic seal. PatientConnect print materials TeethXpress magazine dental implant patient record consultation models patient websites media gallery Progressive Dental Marketing advertising success stories media BioHorizons app social media email updates library instructions for use.

Dental prosthetics & abutments, prosthetic dentistry by BioHorizons

Simple Solutions Abutments can be restored in 3 easy visits. This Interactive Prosthetic Technique Manual is separated into technique modules that display prosghetic most current techniques and current protocols used in implant dentistry.

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Laser-Lok Esthetic Abutments are used to create cement-retained single- or prosfhetic prosthesis in highly esthetic zones. BioHorizons offers a broad array of abutments for a wide range of indications and patient conditions including the versatile 3inOne abutment and the convenient Simple Solutions restorative system.


Multi-unit Abutments system provides the tools to restore even compromised edentulous cases. Restoring 3inOne abutments Restorations made easy with Simple Solutions. Click here to view references. The OD Secure abutment uses the industry’s lowest profile connection to attach dentures and partial dentures to dental implants.

The Snap Coping offers an accurate implant-level impression for maanual or multiple units with an easy to use closed tray, pick-up technique.

With cuff heights ranging from 0. With a wide variety of abutment angles, collar heights and platform diameters, no system better equips you to plan for your patients’ individual needs.

The Multi-unit abutment’s intelligent design and restorative flexibility is matched only by its ease of use and surgical efficiency.

Each module can be downloaded and saved to your computer or device. It is offered separately or can be ordered pre-mounted on Tapered Internal, Internal and External implants. Not available in all countries.