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Optimizar la atención preconcepcional y perinatal. Módulo 1: Introducción a la Psicoprofilaxis Obstétrica Historia de la Psicoprofilaxis. La Historia Clínica Perinatal Base Ambulatoria, la Tarjeta de Control .. médico y de enfermería será capacitado en la técnica del parto psicoprofiláctico. Nuestra Historia es una organización internacional que certifica doulas, educadores perinatales y educadores de lactancia. Educador Perinatal – CCCE.

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Isabel Fernandez Del Castillo La-Revolucion-Del-Nacimiento

Ecosystems and diversity of the Sierra Madre Occidental. Despite its high biological and cultural diversity and enormous environmental and economical importance, it is yet not well known.

We describe the vegetation and present a preliminary regionalization based on physiographic, climatic, and antecedentew criteria. A confluence of three main Graben historcos of the Sierra Madre Occidental: The case of Guanajuato, central Mexico. The Sierra Madre Occidental SMO volcanic province is characterized by voluminous silicic ignimbrites that reach an accumulated thickness of to m. A single ignimbrite can reach up to m thick in its outflow facies. This ignimbrite sequence formed mostly within Ma, building up a total estimated volume of ca.

We have showed that several and probably most of the SMO ignimbrites were erupted from fissures associated to Basin and Range fault systems or grabens Geology,thus naming these volcano-tectonic structures as graben calderas Caldera Volcanism book, Elsevier, Fallout deposits, plinian or non-plinian, are not observed in the sequence.

madre occidental volcanic: Topics by

Thus, onset of caldera collapse represented by the major ignimbrite must occur just after deposition of continental sediments within the graben domain. A similar volcano-tectonic development is observed in psicoprocilaxis grabens.

Therefore, extensional or transtensional tectonics, before and during caldera collapse, and the emplacement of a subgraben shallow silicic magma chamber are the necessary conditions for the development of graben calderas.

We describe here the case of the Guanajuato graben caldera, located in the central part of Mexico and in the southeastern portion of the SMO volcanic province. The caldera is part of the economically important mining district of Guanajuato, with 28 silver mines, some active since the 16th century.

The caldera structure, a rectangle of 10 x 16 km, was controlled by NW and NE regional fault systems. Influence of climate and land use on historical surface fires in pine-oak forests, Sierra Madre OccidentalMexico.

The rugged mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidentalin north-central Mexico, support a mosaic of diverse ecosystems. Of these, the high-elevation, temperate pine-oak forests are ecologically significant for their extensiveness and biodiversity. Biological diversity can be defined as variability among living organisms from all sources, including terrestrial anteedentes, marine and other aquatic ecosystems, and the ecological complexes which they are part of. This includes diversity within species, between species, and of ecosystems.

Numerous diversity indices combine richness and evenness in a single expression, and several climate-based explanations have been proposed to explain broad-scale diversity patterns.

However, climate-based water-energy dynamics appears to be an essential factor that determines patterns of diversity.

The Mexican Sierra Madre Occidental occupies an area of about 29 million hectares and is located between the Neotropical and Holarctic ecozones.

It shelters a high diversity of flora, including 24 different species of Pinus ca. The objectives of this study were to model how tree species diversity is related to climatic and geographic factors and stand density and to test the Metabolic Theory, Productivity-Diversity Hypothesis, Physiological Tolerance Hypothesis, Mid-Domain Effect, and the Water-Energy Dynamic Theory on the Sierra Madre OccidentalDurango.

The annual aridity index was the variable most closely related to the diversity indices analyzed. Contemporary climate was found to have moderate to strong effects on the minimum, median and maximum tree species diversity. Because water-energy dynamics provided a satisfactory explanation for the patterns of minimum, median and maximum diversity, an understanding of this factor is critical to future biodiversity research.


Quantile regression of the data showed that the three diversity parameters of tree species are generally higher in cold. Patterns of tree species diversity in relation to climatic factors on the Sierra Madre OccidentalMexico. The hixtoricos are km apart.

Tropical vegetation includes foothills thornscrub FTS in both areas and tropical antdcedentes Status and conservation of old-growth forests and endemic birds in the pine-oak zone of the Sierra Madre OccidentalMexico. The pine-oak forests of the Sierra Madre Occidentala mountain range in NW Mexico, have recently been recognized as an area of high perinata and biodiversity. Selective logging threatens three bird species endemic to this habitat, who depend on standing dead trees snags.

This report is based on. Van Devender; Atnecedentes F. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Species distribution models SDMs help identify areas for the development of populations or communities to prevent extinctions, especially in the face of the global environmental change.

We used a total of 38 presence data from the Sierra Madre Occidental. At the local scale, we compared MaxEnt with the reclassification and overlay method integrated in a geographic information system. The distribution of P. At the local scale, both models calculated similar areas for the potential distribution of the species; the variables that better defined the species distribution were vegetation type, aspect and distance to water flows.

Status and conservation of old-growth forests and endemic birds in the pine-oak zone of the Sierra Madre occidental Mexico. This report is based on an 11 month field survey that aimed to locate oldgrowth remnants and to assess the status of the endemic birds. Old-growth is defined here as a forest that has never been logged mechanically. Los roedores fueron capturados, recapturados e identificados durante tres noches por sitio. Full Text Available This analysis of the geographical space focuses on Geomorphology, a science that deals with the genesis and evolution of landforms.

This definition includes two basic elements: The former results from geological processes, and the latter from morpho-clilmatic processes. This work derives from the need to communicate the features of landform structures located at the northern portion of the Jalisco state, the main attributes of which including block tectonics, arisen from an extensive area affected by volcanic activity during the Mild Cenozoic. Tectonics respond to core movements generated, according to the pilate tectonics theory, during the Upper Tertiary and Pleistocene, and which have affected this area as a result of the proximity of subduction zones.

Lava deposit blocks along with ancient volcanoes have jointly formed wide plateaus denominated riolithic plateaux in the field of structural geomorphology. Interfluvial and slope modeling are characterized by the specific dissection of tropical zones; separately, chemical processes originate ferruginous soils and water runoff travels down ravines seeking the water table at the bottom of deep canyons limiting plateaux.

Henece edaphogenetic processes dominate at fiat interfluvial areas, whereas displacement of detritic materials prevail along slopes and fluvial terraces at the bottom of valleys. Acidic volcanic rock and its potential as an objective for uranium prospecting. The geographical distribution of recent Mexican volcanic rocks is continuous; the older formations are dispersed in isolated outcrops. Continental volcanic events, acidic and basal, took place in the Caenozoic, Mesozoic and Palaeozoic; basic submarine volcanism predominated in the Mesozoic, Palaeozoic and late Precambrian.

Access to the Sierra Madre Occidentala circum-Pacific mountain range covered by rhyolitic rocks, is limited, which restricts the sections studied. Calderas, sources of volcanic emission and preliminary litho-stratigraphic sections have been delimited on the eastern edge of the range. Subduction by the ocean magmatized the continent from the Permian onwards, extravasating and depositing cyclically various magmata through inverted and normal cortical throws.


The Sierra Pena Blanca Chihuahua section consists of epiclastic and pyroclastic rocks. A calcareous conglomerate is overburdened by alternate basal tuffs and imbricates, forming five units. In the uraniferous district of the Sierra Pena Blanca the hydrothermal alteration argillitized both components of the ”Nopal” formation. Primary minerals pitchblende are found together with silicification. Leaching favours secondary mineralization uranium silicates associated with opals.

After extrapolation of the features, the following are considered worth-while objectives: Similar objectives of Mesozoic or Palaeozoic age exist in central and southern Mexico. Possible objectives for uranium are: Representaciones audiovisuales de madre s y maternidad es. Habitualmente, la maternidad es imaginada como el producto tener un hijo, convertirse en madre y no como el arduo proceso que representa a lo largo de la vida de una persona. Orientalism and Occidentalism are interrelated concepts.

Orientalism is defined in three keys ways: Post-Laramide and pre-Basin and Range deformation and implications for Paleogene Ma volcanism in central Mexico: A geological basis for a volcano-tectonic stress model.

Two important volcano-tectonic events happened during this time interval, 1 uplift of crustal blocks exhuming the Triassic-Jurassic metamorphic sequence and formation of basins that were filled with red beds and volcanic sequences, and 2 normal faulting and tilting to the NE of these blocks and fanglomerate filling of graben and half-graben structures.

These faults were combined with NW-SE en echelon faulting in these blocks through which plutonism and volcanism occurred.

HISTORIA DE LA by Christopher Villegas on Prezi

The second event lasted from early Oligocene to early Miocene and coincided with Basin and Range extension. Intense volcanic activity occurred synchronously with the newly-formed or reactivated old fault systems, producing thick sequences of silicic pyroclastic rocks and large domes. Volcano-tectonic peaks occurred in three main episodes during the middle-late Oligocene in this part of Mexico, at about Ma, Ma, and Ma. The objectives of this work is to summarize the volcano-tectonic events that occurred after the end of the Laramide orogeny and before the peak episodes of Basin and Range faulting and Sierra Madre Occidental Oligocene volcanismand to discuss the influence of these events on the following Oligocene-Miocene volcano-tectonic peak episodes that formed the voluminous silicic volcanism in the Mesa Central, and hence, in the Sierra Madre Occidental.

A model based upon geological observations summarizes the volcanic -tectonic evolution of this part of Mexico from the late Paleocene to the Early Miocene. Arte egipcio y arquitectura occidental. El Estado laico y Occidente. Terra da amare, rispettare, cantare. Earth – Mother Singer, dancer, expert on religious songs from around the world, Luz is the daughter of four different languages: Spanish, Dutch, English, Italian and she read poems written in these languages. The central theme is the link between the individual and the earth, the mother, to whom one always returns.

Earth to love, to respect, to celebrate. Images of ‘the West’ in Egypt.

These images — or: Occidentalisms – are found to have a history going back to the early nineteenth century, and are clearly related to political and social developments in Egypt and the wider Arab world, in which. Mujeres de Edipo y los avatares de lo femenino hishoricos la mentalidad de occidente. Fashion beyond Orientalism and Occidentalism. Tagungsbericht zu ‘Fusion Culture: Late Neoproterozoic Vendian volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks are widely distributed in the western High Atlas.

These volcanic rocks overlie a semipelitic formation, which represents the equivalent of the Tidilline and Anzi Formations of the Anti-Atlas.