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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 14 Identification Cards Tags and Badges. Reference URL. AR Identification Cards for Members of the uniformed Services Their Eligible Family Members and Other Eligible Personnel. AR Identification Cards, Tags, and Badges. This new regulation— o Replaces AR o Replaces DA Form with DD Form.

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Under no conditions will units or personnel within the United States, the general region excluded in paragraph 2—18 b eegulationbe deemed eligible for the GWOTEM.

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Awards may be made to persons other than Servicemembers of the Armed Forces of the United States for wartime services only, and then only under exceptional circumstances with the express approval of the President in each case. Award authorities may use Award and Decoration Boards to advise them on appropriate levels of recognition.

See notes 1, 2, and 3. Wrmy such as combat medics – MOS 68W are not physician extenders. Undue delay in submitting a recommendation may preclude its consideration. A second or third award of regulwtion NDSM is authorized for Soldiers who served in two or more of the four time periods listed in paragraph 2—10 a.

Armed Forces, who was held captive under circumstances not covered by paragraph 2—9 b but which the SECARMY finds were comparable to those circumstances under which persons have generally been held captive by enemy armed forces during periods of armed conflict.

Initial delegation will be requested consistent with the award approval authority outlined in table 3—4. Awards to personnel of other Services. The NDSM may be awarded posthumously. One bronze service star is worn to denote second and subsequent awards of the AFSM.

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Unit awards during stability operations are considered on a case-by-case basis. Delegation of award approval authority – peacetime criteria—Continued.

Project, program and product managers, and program executive officers. Department of the Army military awards forms, page Examples of injuries or wounds which clearly do not justify award of the PH are as follows:. The goal of the total Army Awards Program is to foster mission accomplishment by recognizing excellence of both military and civilian members of the force and motivating them to high levels of performance retulation service.


Performance of duties normal to the grade, branch, specialty, assignment, or experience of an individual is not an adequate basis for this award. Announcement of revocation of awards. All materials contained on this site are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, broadcast, or in any way exploited without the prior written permission of Mentor Enterprises, Inc.

During the periods listed in paragraph 2—10 b 1 and 2 for Korea and Vietnam, Servicemembers in the following.

Act on behalf of the DCS, G—1 when so delegated and directed. All waiver requests will be.

It is awarded to all Servicemembers of the Armed Forces of the United States serving in Vietnam and its contiguous waters or airspace there over, after 3 July through 28 March The following rules apply to award the ACM:. In making the decision, the awarding authority may consider a statement of concurrence or nonconcurrence with comments from the individual concerned within 10 working days upon receipt of the notification of revocation.

The order of precedence for wear of these awards is stated in AR —1. Soldier has year qualifying letter for nonregular retirement pay at age Service awards include those that are given posthumously or in connection with a PCS, ETS, or release from active duty or other periods of service. In addition, four-star Army commanders have authority to disapprove or downgrade all recommendations of the DSM to include general officers. To qualify as medical treatment, this rest period must have been directed by a medical officer or medical professional for the individual after diagnosis of an injury as indicated in paragraphs 2—8 l 1 and 2.

The applicant will provide all possible details as to time, place, and deed or service to assist in locating any copy or documentation, which may have been recorded. The performance must have involved personal hazard or danger and the voluntary risk of life under conditions not involving conflict with an armed enemy. The Antarctica Service Medal is awarded to any person who, after 2 January and before a date to be.


Addresses for the other military Services are provided in table 1—1. Repatriation and Family Affairs Division. You Might Also Like….

Requisitions will contain a statement that items requisitioned are to be issued to authorized individuals and do not exceed immediate needs. A full explanation of the humanitarian aspects of the military assistance or operation to include the specific nature of the duties performed that were beyond normal duty expectations. No military decoration, except for the PH and as outlined in paragraph 1—14 ewill be awarded more than 2 regulationn after the act or period of service to be honored.

Exceptional performance of normal duty will not alone justify an award of this decoration.


While no minimum time period rgeulation captivity exists as eligibility criteria for the POW Medal, the Services should determine each case on its own merit. Announce accomplishments and competitions for which trophies and similar devices are to be presented, per.

Coast Guard, Washington, DC — Notifies recommender or recommending commander of the final decision. Requisitions will contain a statement that issue is to be made to authorized personnel. Certificates, Memorandums, and Letters, page Additionally, Soldiers who are flagged for overweight or Army Physical Fitness Test failure may be posthumously recommended for and presented an award, decoration, or a badge rdgulation assigned to a unit engaged in combat against hostile forces and the Soldier dies as a result of injuries sustained during combat.

In those cases where a USAR nonunit member does not desire a ceremony, the Commander, HRC forwards the retirement documents and appropriate awards, if any, to the Soldier. Miniature Medals, page