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SAA AS PARKING FACILITIES PART 2: OFF-STREET COMMERCIAL VEHICLE FACILITIES. Description. Specifies minimum requirements for the layout of off-street facilities for the loading and unloading of commercial vehicles, including design. AS Parking facilities – Off-street commercial vehicle facilities. View on Information Provider website {{ linkText }}. Abbreviation. AS

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Medium rigid vehicle 3. The loading space requirements listed in Table 7.

Parking Facilities – AS 2890.2-2002 Part 2: Off-street Commercial Vehicle Facilities

Please note compliance with AS Number of 99 percentile vehicle bays to be provided. Where an activity falls under the definition of more than one activity in Table 7. O ther industrial activitiesif not specified above, high technology industrial activities and heavy industrial activities.

Specifies requirements for the location, arrangement and dimensions of on-street parking facilities. A 99 percentile vehicle bay shall be designed to the ax minimum standards in Table 7. Parking facilities – Off-street commercial vehicle facilities. Number of heavy vehicle bays to be provided.

Where an activity 289.2 not fall within a particular category, the activity which is closest in definition shall apply. Specifies minimum requirements for the provision of off-street parking facilities for people with disabilities.

Terms of Reference is subject to change. Sports fields for public, or private use. Includes provision for special classes of vehicles and disabled users, together with guidelines for the control of parking.

  DIN EN ISO 14971 PDF

This is a list of projects currently being worked on by Standards Australia’s Standards Development Team. Other guest accommodationif not specified above.

Public transport interchanges Nil Nil s. Minimum loading area dimensions: Gymnasium for public, or private usedance studios. Service stations 1 unmarked bay for fuel deliveries Nil aa. Largest vehicle expected to use the l oading space. The published Standards are documents that set out specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they are intended to.

Parking facilities, Part 2: Where the calculation of the required loading space results in a fractional space, any fraction that is less than one-half will be aa and any fraction of one-half or more will be counted as one space.

Parking Facilities Part 3: Below is the list of current Standards developed and published by Standards Australia. Utilities that have no permanent staff. 28890.2 retail activities or commercial servicesif not specified above. Warehousing and distribution activities. Parking facilities – Off-street parking for people with disabilities.

Commercial Vehicle Facilities | Zav Traffic

Associated manoeuvring area s shall be designed to accommodate the minimum turning area shown in: Minimum dimensions if loading space is parallel to the access to the loading space metres. Sports courts for public, or private use. Other health care facilitiesif not specified above. Tertiary education and research activities. When calculating the overall loading space requirements for an activity the separation of areas into different activities will be required where the GFA of an activity or PFA or other such measurement that the standards for the relevant activity is based upon exceeds 10 per cent of the total GFA of the activity.


Schools and preschools With or more students: Full time equivalent student numbers for Tertiary Education and Research Activities shall be assessed annually as of 1 July, and shall be rounded to the nearest FTE students, if there are ax than FTE Students at the activity in total.

A heavy vehicle bay shall comply with one of the following vehicle sizes in Table 7.

Parking facilities – On-street parking. There are no international relationships for this committee. The parking requirements for different types of carparks i. For sites with activities, listed under Rule 7. Off-street commercial vehicle facilities. Within the Central Cityno loading is required where a suitable on- or off-street loading facility is provided within 50 metres of any part of the site and the route between the loading facility and the site a not require crossing any road.

Swimming pools for public, or private use. A copy of the appropriate legal instrument shall be provided to Council for its records.