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Paranormal Romance Author Caris Roane presents Guardians of Ascension, a paranormal romance book featuring winged warrior vampires. Caris Roane, paranormal romance author, presents Guardians of Ascension reading order for her wonderful fans. Ascension: Book 1 of The Guardians of Ascension Paranormal Romance Trilogy [ Caris Roane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I hope that I will feel more drawn in with the subsequent books since I have gotten a introductory feel to this world.

Guardians of Ascension – Caris RoaneCaris Roane

Dec 31, Melindeeloo rated it liked it Shelves: On Christmas Eve, vampire Officer Kyle Drake has finally persuaded the shy wolf shifter, Verena, to go on a first date. For Buy Links and to Read More.

In this installment we don’t have roand with some weird powers, no, we have super strong beings who can do so much with many different amazing powers. I found it unrealistic that the Warriors of the Blood would be able to successfully continue their war with only seven brothers considering the size of the army they are facing.

There was also way too many POVs for my comfort – the hero, the heroine, and the villain I expect but ascesnion also had the hero’s boss, the boss’s boss, the villain’s henchman. They were strong spirited, determined, physically ascensipn metaphysically powerful.


It was just overall shoddy world building and I was so confused. Sure, it’s going to take some discipline on the part of the editor and a lot of patience on the part of the reader, but it could still turn out alright.

Guardians of Ascension Series

The good guys of this world protect the Earth from other vampires who have succumbed to the addiction of drinking dead blood and who have become killers seducing their prey with an unearthly beauty. She saw something in her meditations, which as you know do not always pan out.

And not in a good way: They are Vampire Warriors fighting against the bad vampires that kill just for the joy of it, and naturally the blood.

But she is also very sweat and good-hearted which makes us see her even more cadis. I also run subscriber-exclusive giveaways, so be sure to sign up on my home rpane in the right hand column where it says: But when it became clear that her powers and her relationship with Kerrick were going to be her new identity I lost interest in her.

Your blood belong to me. In this book you get one hot vampire warrior and one sexy very dangerous heroine. I couldn’t feel his motivations. Stunned, I had to figure out a way to make things work.


What plot there was was acsension deus ex machina combined with a Mary Sue. In the Heat of Passion. I think the series has a lot of potential. His brothers n law was a jerk but I can understand he is hurting too.

The other Earths, we don’t know nothing about as the doors to them have been close several thousands of years ago and not even communication has been possible. I can’t put this book anywhere near those. It has a lot of cool action scenes, it’s intense, a little dark, and the romance is sweet, steamy, and intense.

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Guardians of Ascension Reading Order

His plans include a little mistletoe and a lot of seduction. A clear case of caveman possessiveness For decades, Warrior Duncan has had an on-again, off-again relationship with a woman opposed to his warrior lifestyle. Also there’s just so much in a mating between beings from 2nd Earth, is amazing. It wasn’t explained how the human race relates to the vampire races. Here ascensiin my list of issues with this book: