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Normally undergraduate student projects will involve Aspen Plus or Aspen Properties. To start either of these packages, be sure to look for the corresponding. in 24 Hours. Integrating Aspen Plus into the Chemical Engineering Classroom . Not Recommended: Using lecture time to prepare students for the tutorial. This manual is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. Beginning with Aspen Plus , there is also an XML Results file available from Aspen.

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Aspen Plus information

When you are modeling your process and you find that nothing seems to work, just try making slight adjustments, perhaps in error tolerance, or increment size. Click when you are done.

Specify a share name 1.11 ends with a dollar sign. Under Property you should have the choice of Pure, Binary and Residue with the addition of a third component. We can finally call this chapter to a fond end.

Aspen Technology

All 111 feedstock is usually tested for quality assurance purposes, either by random samples or by testing a tank of received product. One possible solution is to change the Pall Rings from Plastic to Metal material. The simplest way of representing a reactor is by using RStoic type reactor.

RD is then approximately 3.

The stripper tops are recycled back and mixed with the feed, whereas the stripper bottoms are then fed into a depropanizer, where saleable propane is removed in the tops.

This includes pluw stream pressure and temperature conditions.

Aspen Process Manual

The more variables or points you have significantly increases the amount of time it takes to run the simulation so choose wisely. This results in an acetone composition of 0. Right-click on the main process area, and Add Project Component. Then click on Sensitivity. The condenser counts as the first stage, and the reboiler counts as the last stage. I am making this number up for this example. Holding the mouse over the colored arrows, sapen or red, will tell you the purpose awpen that stream feed, tops, bottoms, etc For your reference, our flowsheet is shown in the diagram above.


Now add your material streams and name them. It should look something like the image to the right. Lastly, decreasing the size of the column to 30 trays and continuing to feed at tray 16 results in the same level of recovery and purity. The Solid-Liquid Separation Process Manual contains 11 volumes and covers topics that include equipment selection, cake filtration, clarification filters, thin layer filters, sedimentation processes, filtering centrifugation, sedimenting centrifugation, less common separation processes, filter media, and ancillary processes.

Our plot is shown in the diagram below.

Modeling Coal Combustion

Since it would make no sense to run the tank totally empty or totally full, tanks are specified for tutorila “working capacity. However, the list is not complete. They have tried to make this into a comprehensive user’s guide to the Aspen and Icarus software and have added quite a bit of material about the computer lab organization and setup that I hope you will find useful.

The FACT Method will estimate the number of trays and reflux ratio, based on the relative volatilities of components you want to separate, providing an excellent starting point. tugorial

One last piece of advice: A flash chamber operating 80oC oF and kPa We cannot stress this point enough. You can also navigate tutoria and forwards by clicking on the appropriate arrow: You will, at the very least, see warnings everywhere.

In the final design, it 1.11 probably a good idea to add a pressure changer to the Residual Gas Stream, which exits at 80 psig. Over the summer of ’03, Josh Banke and Meghan Cuddihy put together this tutorial. Alternatively, with few exchangers and low capital cost, you will have a lot of utility to make up for, and thus your operating cost will soar.


Once it has a drive letter, you access it just like a disk on the same computer. If the Binary Interaction screen appears, just ignore it, click Next again and choose to Go to Next required input step.

In any case, go to the Binary Analysis Results window created along with the plot, and choose Plot Wizard. Therefore we saved a total of We can try improving these results by performing a Sensitivity Analysis on distillate rate, feed tray, and total number of pluss. Select Map to turn it into an Icarus component. By default, the newly-added users have read-only access. The temperatures one hot, one cold at which this occurs are called the Pinch Temperature.

Click on Analysis and choose the option of Property. You are able to move the head of the stream arrow by clicking on it, and dragging it along the edge of the piece of equipment to another location. I recommend using to as the temperature range to look at, and incrementing by 1.

Because sharing in this way is so wide open, Windows XP tries to protect you from some potential security risks. Our results are pictured to the right: Gutorial could include adding a small purge stream, to aid in convergence, or specifying the data associated with a stream.

When you are done editing, you can plot each graph.