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I have a directory with about subfolders in it. In each of those subfolders are 4 to 5 PDF files and 1 JPG. I want to make a script to go into. The batch processing funtions for your regular PDF needs. FDF “C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\” EXPORT (Tab-delimited. FDF. Use “FDF Note ” $1 in a batch file. The files are placed in the same directories as the files.

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However this is too slow. I also have Visual Basic 6 and the FDF toolkit, so if there is a way of using that then please let me know. I am using Acrobat 7. My convett are as follows.

This sort of defeats the purpose of batch processing. Is there a way to turn this off?

A multitude of tiff image files are created at the ‘Destination’ path which defaults to My Documents for each file. What is the purpose of this and is it possible to turn this off?


PDF Batch Command Line

Some of the PDFs were converted powerpoint files which I guess create a quite detailed page. While straight text converts to a fairly small tiff, most of these files are producing tiffs between the size of 1 frf 4MB which is much larger than what is convenient for large volumes of files. Is there any way to reduce converg tiff file size? Thanks for any help. Batch to convert text files inside a folder to PDF with acrobat 5. Thanks in advance Andrew.

Batch convert FDF to PDF

Interactive pdf’s through an online form? How can I convert as a batch excel files to PDF 6. Can anyone shed some light 7. Batch convert from Word to PDF Batch file to convert to PDF?

Batch convert graphics to PDF Batch convert excel to PDF.