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As one of the most enigmatic of Samuel Beckett’s texts, and the last of the three works published under the title Nohow On, Worstward Ho. Samuel Beckett: Worstward Ho. Great Depression photographer unknown (via. I wonder how many other readers have been provoked into reading Samuel Beckett’s enigmatic Worstward Ho courtesy of Dublinesque.

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A letter from Dr.

But what makes this game hard, is that Beckett being Beckettis also reducing the words to their bare minimum. What the so-said void. Either that or groan the groan that has been so long on its way.

Worstward Ho, by Samuel Beckett | ANZ LitLovers LitBlog

There must be those people that this means something. The last time I was in a void was when I was walking in a thick fog in the Pacific Ocean. Bekett are several more of his books on the list so I shall find out soon. Have they come back suddenly unchanged? Though this is all but totally incoherent to anyone that is not intimately familiar with Beckett’s psyche, there are elements of rhythm and beauty that make it enjoyable.


Void were not the one.

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Greenlaw We witness his efforts with character. What Went Wrong in Happy Valley? No mind bo no words? I recommend it if you like Beckett. Welcome to the future. You should plan on reading this slowly, deliberately, in a quiet setting, and more than once.

Worstward Ho – Wikipedia

It’s not even sure there is an it to be any way at all! Obama, do you have a heart? Worstward Ho was my first Beckett. If you enjoy getting horribly tangled in your own thoughts, Worstward Ho is a fascinating game. I have never read Beckett before and must admit I cheated a bit and read this side-by-side with a companion reader in order to try and make some sense of it. The so-said seat and germ of all. Old age and done. Please share your thoughts and join the conversation!

Can there be just one character in a piece of fiction? No choice but stand. There are things happening and there are images but there is no woratward. Also – I learned where a favorite quote came from, so. Falling in the hands of the moneyseekers Amiri Baraka: So long as dim still.


Just enough still to joy that only they. Are you still with me? It can also be about hope.

Say better worse secretes. Anything else is just the audience “reading into” computer language again the work. The groan so long on its way.

Worstward Ho

Just enough still to joy. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. His work became increasingly minimalist in his later career.

How does one assign a star rating to this? Lonely at the Laundromat Curzio Malaparte: Rain, Heavy at Times John Vachon: I ran into a neighbor the other night, a conservative old German banker who has lived in the US since the early s.

All at long last gone.