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Terrier is book one in the Rebekah Cooper trilogy by Tamora Pierce. It centers around The book is about Beka’s first weeks as a puppy, or trainee, in. Satisfying fantasy crime drama for tweens. Read Common Sense Media’s Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide. Pierce returns to the Tortall Realms for a new series, a kind of prequel to those of her popular “sheroes” Alanna, Kel and Aly. Her latest heroine.

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As a rookie–known as a Puppy–she’s assigned to the realm’s toughest district: I can’t believe how bad the ‘villians’ in this story were. This book almost bored me to death. This district is the closest to the palace, but in no way is the best. She grew up in the Lower City and knows what makes it tick. Just what and who Pounce is becomes clearer in Terrier as things are alluded to.

She’s young, and the premise is that police are officially called Dogs, and trainees are officially called Puppies.

Rosto has two female friends who came with him from Scanra: Still, she continues to hunt for clues. Later, they meet in the Court of the Rogue, where, presumably, the threesome were scouting out the competition. Grandmother Noll kidnapping and killing children terriier because she wanted something from the parents!!!

Pierce successfully weaves almost Noir police procedural with gritty crime and punishment in a fantasy setting. Okay I really have no idea how anyone made it through this book. Based on 3 reviews. View all 4 comments.


May 16, Caroline rated it really liked it. He also has a large number terier scars and blade wounds on his arms and face.

Terrier covers new ground with the exploration of an organisation that has been mentioned, but never explained in detail, and spending time with the every-day folk of Tortall. This page was last edited on 17 Augustat October 1, Number of pages: A simple so and so came to visit, we chatted for a while and at the rolls she brought whatever is fine.

Beka is a year-old girl with a very strong sense of justice; her love for the terruer of ebka Lower City she grew up in leads her to request a placement there, a district most Dogs would rather avoid. Set in the Tortall world, with a light touch of magic.

Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1

People have been disappearing, more than than normal. Cracking open one of her marvelous novels always feels like coming home. Overall a less than thrilling Tortall bka, which is not a sentence I’d ever thought I’d type.

Beka is best friends with Tansy, Crookshank’s granddaughter-in-law, which helps Beka gain extra information about what is going on in the household. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I’m beginning to, finally, recognize patterns in Tamora Pierce’s heroines. The Dogs are a group of guards tasked with fighting crime in the city. Beka is a great kick-butt, female protangonist. I just discovered that apparently I have given some very popular books single-star ratings–except I haven’t.

Beka Cooper: Terrier

It worked out though since she has an amazing group of friends. She grew up in the Lower City and knows what makes it tick. Review and more at https: He has very pale skin, white blond hair and black eyes.


This I just could not. I greatly admire that each time Pierce takes on a new saga in Tortall, she challenges herself to make a new strong heroine in a different position in society which even sometimes allows her to add tastes of different genres within a fantasy piece. Assigned to two of the beks Dogs veteran officers in the Jane Street kennel, Beka quickly distinguishes herself, assisted by winged informants pigeons who terier the ghosts of murdered children and whisper only to Beka and her aide-de-camp, Pounce, the purple-eyed cat who will be familiar to Alanna devotees.

Terrier: Legend of Beka Cooper v. 1 : Tamora Pierce :

Assists Lord Provost one per region in Tortall. Her work inspired a generation of writers and continues to inspire us. I sold some articles and 2 short stories and wrote reviews for a martial arts movie tfrrier. Otherwise it’s perfect and almost is more fun, when you already know how the story arc and the main character develop in volume 2 and 3.

Aug 18, Jodie rated it it was amazing. Terriet Market of Sorrows slave market is here as well as the docks.

I love the language and some of it has fallen into my everyday vocab sardenwhile other words were already there poxy!