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Featuring the latest DLP® technology, the BenQ W FHD Projector delivers 3D projection with a single video feed – unlike a traditional 3D projector system. BenQ W Lumens p Resolution 3D Home Entertainment Projector: : Electronics. Product Description. Get the amazing 3D effects you get in 3D movies in the comfort of your home. Featuring the latest DLP technology, the BenQ W delivers.

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That was using the Eco lamp mode, so bejq W has plenty of brightness, even for a room with white walls or ceiling, which is the kind of environment it’s most likely to be used in. Click here for free membership!

BenQ Projectors: BenQ W DLP projector

Come along and join in the fun! This is the one area where the W’s 3D performance could have fallen down but it avoids adding any noticeable scaling artefacts and thus there is nothing to distract from your 3D experience. You want this Total 0. With the player set to i, the W deinterlaced and displayed both the video and film resolution tests well and displayed a good overall performance with the minimum of processing artefacts.

During the course of this review I had to keep going back to Amazon UK to check the price, because I kept thinking I must have got it wrong. This feature takes advantage of DLP’s inherent strengths and should result in a superior 3D performance with no flicker or crosstalk. BenQ W Projector The BenQ W may well be a budget projector but it manages to deliver a far from budget performance.

The picture detail, given decent HD input, is superb, even on a inch screen spread all over my living room wall. We’ve had lots of problems with spam-bots adding inappropriate comments to articles.

Reviews by related category Projectors Benq. This technology requires no addition wireless connection, relying on invisible signals relayed through the screen itself to keep the glasses in sync.

BenQ W HD Ready 3D DLP Projector Review | AVForums

Review controls Readers comments Print this review Watch this bneq link to this review. Published Mar 30, Author benw. However something very interesting has been happening in the home entertainment market over the past few years. No, create an account now. Introduction BenQ have made quite a niche for themselves in the projector market, producing a series of budget machines that deliver surprisingly good images and a decent set of features considering their price.


Member prize-draws Real w7550 – by real people Membership is free Email summary of the weeks reviews Share your product feedback with others Keep in touch with all that’s new in gadgets Full of great ideas as the Christmas deadline looms! If you’re looking for a cheap projector the BenQ W should definitely be on your list and if you’re looking for a second projector for 3D, it should be near the top.

However, if you set up the W correctly the images it produces are certainly detailed nenq to please anyone who plans to use it on a 6 to 7 foot screen. Is it too good to be true or does the BenQ W represent a new level of performance and value when it comes to 3D? Then you’ll automatically receive an email when someone replies!

Thankfully, the video processing in the W was actually very good and we found it correctly scaled the full i and i test images without any loss of detail or unwanted ringing. It might be difficult to justify a professional calibration at this price point but it’s good to see that BenQ has included a two point white balance and a colour management system, allowing those who are able, to get an almost reference performance from the budget projector. The chassis w7750 be small and light, betraying BenQ’s data grade heritage, but it’s well built and the size makes installation easier.

If you like this article then why not link to it from your site! We also set the Clarity Control to zero and made sure that BrilliantColor feature was off because this just over-saturates the colours. Yes, my password is: My test is to try watching daytime TV in the daylight on as large a screen as the projector will offer me. The W’s menu screens are rather small in size but at least they’re simple and effective, consisting of six bneq pages, the first of which relates to the projector’s built-in speaker.

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If you’re asking a question – join GadgetSpeak first. Well – there w7750 lots of reasons to join, depending on you and your interests: Reviews by category Projectors Benq.

With 3D content the W really came into its own, delivering a fantastic performance that was hard to fault. Write your BenQ W Projector review.


We’re sorry about this but we need to do this to prevent our site being abused by people looking for free advertising! This setting defaults to a Gamma of 2. The image is bright, too.

Free Prizedraw Why join? The setup is very straightforward thanks to some simple manual lens controls and a clear and concise menu system. The glasses have had a redesign to accommodate the introduction of ‘triple flash’ and are now, smaller, lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Yes, there are downsides to the BenQ W What’s more the image accuracy out-of-the-box is excellent, so even after a basic setup the W can deliver pictures that punch well above their market position.

The absence of distracting scaling artefacts, crosstalk and flicker, along with the brightness and accuracy of the image, resulted in a highly enjoyable and genuinely immersive 3D experience. Another very welcome surprise in this price bracket is the 3D function.

Once you include the W’s brightness and surprising level of colour accuracy, you start to get an idea of how good the 3D performance and even the video processing is up to the task. This is my second test: Start inviting your friends along! But the odds are that the loss of nuance bnq the picture details, or problems with focus, or the jerkiness of the motion, or the screaming inaccuracy of the colour will send you back to your TV before the month is out.

We measured the black level at 0. The video processing is also excellent, which means that despite having to scale all content, the W doesn’t introduce noticeable artefacts. There is some truth to this, although on our larger screen the difference in resolution was immediately apparent, especially as we got closer to the image. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if bena register. As well as the ubiquitous HDMI, there are separate input sockets for component video and the older S-Video and composite video standards.