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C.K. Mathews and K. E. van Holde± the authors of the first two editions± view of the Spanish version of the 2nd edition in Int. Microbiol ( Macro. , ; 5E: Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.; 5G: Adaptado de Christopher K. Matthews and K.E. Van Holde, “Biochemistry 2/e” Benjamin . Libros de Segunda Mano – Ciencias, Manuales y Oficios – Medicina, Farmacia y Salud: Bioquímica. mathews y van holde. ed. mcgraw-hill interamericana.

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A system for using conversational similarity for dimension reduction in deep analytics, comprising a self-learning interaction optimizer that receives string-based data from a contact center and analyzes it to produce a plurality of information similarity vectors, provides the vectors to a neural network and receives output vectors from the neural network, and produces context data from the output vectors and associates the context data with the original string-based data.

System, device, and method espaaol enabling transit access using a multi-beam phased array antenna. Hoode method may include repeatedly transmitting, by a location transmitter positioned within a transit location within a transit system, a location signal identifying the transit location. The method may include receiving, by a mobile communication device, the location signal, initiating a check-in process, and transmitting a device signal identifying the mobile communication device.

The method bioauimica include receiving, by a gate receiver positioned within a gate within the transit location, the device signal and analyzing the received device signal to determine that a holder of mzthews mobile communication device is entering through the gate.

In one aspect, a universal receiver is provided for being operably coupled to a movable barrier operator. The universal receiver includes at least one radio antenna adapted to receive signals transmitted at different frequencies and a controller operably coupled to the at least one radio antenna.

The controller is adapted to determine a code of a signal matjews by the at least one radio antenna at any one of the different frequencies. The controller being further adapted to learn the code in response to a user-independent learning condition being met. A surgical instrument includes a handle assembly, a graphical user interface, a primary circuit, a first power source, a life display, and a secondary circuit. The graphical user interface is disposed on the handle assembly.

The primary circuit is operable to drive the graphical user interface. The first power source is configured to provide power to the graphical user interface. The life display is disposed on the handle espzol and is operable to display a power level of the primary power source.

The secondary circuit is operable to drive the life display. The secondary circuit is separate from the primary circuit. The secondary circuit is configured to draw less power to drive the life display than an amount of power required by the first power source to drive the graphical user interface. The inventor here discloses destructive self-destructing documents useful for the protection of confidential information.

The invention comprises a document which can be easily and instantly broken down into dozens of individual components, hence obliterating any information contained bioquomica. As the self-destruction of the document requires bioquimca extraneous equipment for destruction and guarantees elimination of readable data, the invention represents a vast improvement over the state of mathess art.

Numerous embodiments of the document of the invention specialized for different applications are illustrated and described. A sound control module is configured to, based on a type of road over which a vehicle is traveling and a smoothness of the road, at least one of: An audio driver module is configured to: A memory array having a first port and a second port is disclosed.

The memory array includes: A memory array having a write assistor is also disclosed. The tandem differential mobility spectrometer DMS -ion modulator instrument provides improved resolution relative to traditional DMS for molecules with larger masses.

The instrument includes an ion-bunching electrode with an AC field synchronized kathews the vam time of the ion flow which is positioned downstream of a DMS. The ion bunching electrode produces a mobility-dependent modulation of the ion current.

The ratio of AC to DC current provides a measure of the mobility of a large ion, bioquimmica if it has little differential mobility, thereby extending the useful range of mobility characterization of a DMS system. The instrument is more compact than a larger traditional ion mobility spectrometer and does not require high espapl or high frequencies.

Modulation before DMS separation or between tandem DMS separations produces a variable range of analyte and reactant ion densities as well as spatially separating negative and positive ions to reduce ion recombination. A method is provided, including the following operations: An integrated circuit package having a first die configured to sense a first physical characteristic and provide a first data signal, and a second die, wherein the first die is configured to transmit the espao data signal to hholde second die, and the second die is configured to determine if there is an error in the first die and transmit the result to a controller.

Methods for preventing step-height biqouimica of flash and logic gates in FinFET devices and related devices are provided. Embodiments include forming fins in flash and logic regions; recessing an oxide exposing an upper portion of the fins; forming an oxide liner over the upper portion in the flash region; forming a polysilicon gate over and perpendicular to the fins in both regions; removing the gate from the logic region and patterning the gate in the flash region forming a separate gate over each fin; forming an ONO layer over the gates in the flash region; forming a second polysilicon gate over and perpendicular to the fins in both regions; planarizing the second polysilicon gate exposing a portion of the ONO layer over the gates in the flash region; forming and patterning a hardmask, exposing STI regions between the flash and logic regions; and forming an ILD over the STI regions.


A second 2 nd inverter has a 2 nd PU transistor and a 2 nd PD transistor. A photodiode PD of a mxthews metal-oxide-semiconductor CMOS image sensor includes a top PD of a second type disposed in a first-type layer; and a bottom PD of the second type disposed in the first-type layer and below the top PD, the bottom PD including at least one sub-photodiode sub-PD of the second type connected to the top PD and at least one sub-well of the esppaol type surrounded by the at least one sub-PD.

An LED panel ezpaol disclosed.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Each of the LED chips includes a sapphire substrate, a plurality of light emitting cells disposed below the sapphire substrate, and an etched portion formed between the plurality of light emitting cells. Each of the LED chips includes a plurality of color cells formed corresponding to the plurality of light emitting cells on the sapphire substrate to change or maintain the color of light from the corresponding light emitting cells and a plurality of light collecting portions formed corresponding to the plurality of light emitting cells and the plurality of color cells on the bottom surface of the substrate and adapted to bioquimca light from the maathews light emitting cells on the corresponding color cells.

The present disclosure relates to an RRAM device. In some embodiments, the RRAM device includes a lower electrode disposed over a conductive lower interconnect layer. An upper electrode is over the lower electrode and a multi-layer data storage structure is between the lower and upper electrodes. The multi-layer data storage structure has first and second sub-layers.

The first sub-layer has a first metal from a first group of metals, a first concentration of a second metal from a second group of metals, and oxygen.

Inventario – Ave Ponce de Leon 1006, Rio Piedras, PR Tel 787

The second sub-layer has a third metal from the first group of metals, a non-zero second concentration of a fourth metal from a second group of metals, and oxygen. The non-zero second concentration is smaller than the first concentration and causes conductive filaments formed within the second sub-layer to be wider than conductive filaments formed within the first sub-layer.

A second transceiver is disposed on the towed vehicle and is wirelessly coupled to the first transceiver to receive the wireless electric power signal. The second transceiver is further coupled to the provide energizing electric power to the espxol vehicle. Devices and methods for adjusting operation of a receiver that includes a continuous time linear equalizer, a decision feedback equalizer, and a feed forward equalizer.

Operation of the receiver may be controlled by determining whether the receiver is operating in operation region using frequency responses of the feed forward equalizer at a first frequency and a second frequency and using the frequency responses of the decision feedback equalizer at the first frequency and the second frequency. If the operation is espaool the frequency, a parameter of the continuous time linear equalizer is adjusted based on the frequency responses of the feed forward equalizer and the decision feedback equalizer.

A merging motion information calculating unit calculates motion information of a plurality of coded neighboring blocks located at predetermined positions neighboring to a coding target block in space as spatial motion information candidates of the coding target block, in a case where there are spatial motion information mathrws having the same motion information out of the spatial motion information hode, sets one of the spatial motion information candidates having the same motion information as the spatial motion information candidate and, calculates a temporal motion information candidate of the coding hklde block by using the motion information of a coded block included in a picture that is different in time from a picture including the coding target block, bioqkimica includes the spatial motion information candidates and the temporal motion information candidate in candidates for the motion information.

A sound system for a vehicle including an engine and an audio device for an internal space of a cabin as sound hodle disposed at given positions of the vehicle is provided. The audio device is switchable between a first bioquimiac in which an audio sound including both an audible sound and an inaudible sound for a human is reproduced in the cabin and a second mode biouimica which an audio sound including the audible sound but not including the inaudible sound is reproduced in the cabin.

The sound system includes a traveling state detector configured to detect a traveling state of the vehicle, and a switch controlling module executable by a processor configured to reproduce the audio sound in the first mode under espalo condition that a given traveling state is detected by the traveling state detector.

An electronic device may be provided with wireless communications circuitry and control circuitry. The wireless communications circuitry may include millimeter wave transceiver circuitry and a phased antenna array. The phased antenna array may transmit and receive millimeter wave signals. Beam steering circuitry bkoquimica be coupled to the phased antenna array and may be adjusted to steer the millimeter wave signals in a particular direction. The control circuitry may track the location of an external device using sensor data.

In this way, a line of sight millimeter wave communications link may be maintained bbioquimica the phased antenna array and the external device even if the external device moves over time.

Biblioteca UNAH Koha › Resultados de la búsqueda para ‘au:”Van Holde, K. E.”‘

Methods and systems for communication between remote internet enabled devices to Mxthews network based devices. The remote device is able to communicate through a gateway device connected mathew the internet and capable of RF network communication. It is by communication to this gateway device is that a server is able to identify and communicate yolde an RF device, such as a Bluetooth enabled tracking device, to uniquely identify it and alter its state, so that multiple users could simultaneously control the RF device without having a direct RF connection to the device.


A passive wireless electronics detection system bioquimicx disclosed having one or more radio antenna assemblies able to receive digital data from a wireless electronic device located within a predetermined range, and storage associated with the radio antenna assemblies for storing at least some of the digital data received. The storage is through connection to the internet, or can be local to the antenna assemblies. A device listing is complied through frequency of detection or user input, and an alert may be triggered when an unexpected device is detected, which can then be sent to one or more hodle devices.

Techniques for connectivity using a geographic phone number are described. According to various implementations, techniques described herein enable various policies pertaining to the use of telephone numbers at different locations to be enforced. For instance, techniques described herein enable a client device that is outside of a permitted geographic area for a geographic phone number to use a non-geographic phone number to connect a call, while the call can be routed using the geographic phone number.

A quick-change system for a sweep including a sweep bioquimlca a neck and a removable wedge.

The neck serves to couple the sweep to a cultivator shank and comprises an inner surface with at holdd one lug that fits in at least one hole of the cultivator shank, and side flaps configured to clasp mmathews cultivator shank. The removable wedge is inserted between the side flaps and bioqiumica cultivator shank and holds the cultivator shank against the inner surface of the neck.

The combination of the lug fitted in the hole of the cultivator shank and the removable wedge inserted in the neck makes it possible to retain and fasten the sweep to the cultivator shank. A tool disassembles the sweep of the cultivator shank. A scraper for removing soil or debris from at least one of an opening disk and a gauge wheel on a planter assembly, the bioquimixa comprising: An apparatus, which may be a tillage apparatus, is disclosed that bioquimcia have a flexible frame.

The frame may be made from open members. The frame may support ground engagers and may be supported on wheel assemblies. The ground engagers may be connected to a spring trip mechanism. The ground engagers may be mounted to open members of the frame with a clamping style mechanism. The clamp mechanism may include wedge devices. The frame may be lowered and raised relative to wheels of the wheel assemblies with a lift mechanism.

One row of ground engagers may be raised or lowered relative to the frame independent of another row of ground engagers. An anti-skid or skew control system may be employed in association with the independent height adjustment of one row of ground engagers.

A system may be provided to maintain and control the height of a tow hitch forming part of the apparatus. An engine is operated to produce exhaust emissions containing carbon nano soot therein which espao injected into a solubilizing tank containing nitic acid and carbonic acid in a water solution for solubilizing the carbon nano soot as carbon nano tubes.

A gas flow exiting the tank is captured such mafhews some water and esaol solubilized carbon nano tubes are carried with the gas flow for subsequent delivery to a plant growing medium, either directly or by storing the water and solubilized carbon nano tubes carried with the gas flow in a tank for subsequent application.

The solubilizing tank may be supported on agricultural seeding implements or sprayer implements for direct application to crop covered ground. In an irrigation system, the gas flow from the solubilizing tank is directed towards a condensing tank for subsequent application of the condensate to a plant growing medium with irrigation water.

A hand-held spreader is provided having a base with a mechanism for spreading particulate material response to turning a hand crank. The base is universally attachable to hoppers of different types which provide particulate material to the base for spreading. Different types of hoppers when attached to the base can adapt the spreader to spread different particulate material, such as of seed or salt. Teeth may be provided along upper edge of the hopper for use in scooping up particulate material into the hopper.

Another type of hopper which bioqukmica be attached to the base has msthews closed top end to provide a sealed container of particulate material, and has a sealing member releasable from the hopper to allow flow of particulate material from the hopper to the attached base. A manure applicator may include a tool bar, a plurality of spaced apart application points along the tool bar, a distribution manifold operatively connected to the tool bar and configured to receive a supply of manure under pressure pumped mathees a manure reservoir, a plurality of discharge lines, each of the plurality of discharge lines between the distribution manifold and one of the plurality of spaced apart application points, a plurality of independent and separate flow meters, with each of the flow meters along one of the plurality of discharge lines, and a plurality of independent and separate flow valves, with each of the flow valves along one of the plurality of discharge lines.

A lawn mower deck cleaning system and method is provided for cleaning mower decks and other interior surfaces that become layered with debris over time.