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For safety performance turn to Bridgestone. Bridgestone offers a wide range of tire choices to meet various drivers’ needs and driving styles. For safety. Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC retains the right to amend specifications at 6. | Truck Tire Data Book | MEDIUM TRUCK TIRES | Effective July from Off-The-Road Tire Operations Department, Bridgestone Corporation, Tokyo, Due to the constant advance of tire technology, the contents of this data book.

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Remember; when on a motorcycle, there are only two small contact patches with the road, so it is critical to keep the tires in top condition. If a vibration occurs while riding a motorcycle, or a bump. Mixing tires of different construction may adversely affect handling and stability and should be avoided unless specifically recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

BRIDGESTONE DATA | Library | Bridgestone

It is extremely important to mount a motorcycle tire on. We recommend avoiding extreme maneuvers, including sudden acceleration, maximum braking and hard cornering, until you have become accustomed to the performance of you tires in conjunction with your motorcycle.


Comfort meets confidence for versatile performance. If a vibration occurs while riding a motorcycle, or a bump, bulge or irregular wear is noticed, have the tires and motorcycle evaluated by a qualified service person.

Superior handling for road-gripping performance.


Bosnia and Herzegovina Passenger Tires. South Africa Passenger Tires. Be sure the tube marking. Gradually pull over to the shoulder and come to a stop. Use caps finger brirgestone on the valve stems to keep dust, dirt and moisture away from the valve. As you reach for the future, the Group will remain by your side. Belgium – Dutch Passenger Tires. For safety performance turn to Bridgestone.

Replace them when mounting new tires. After seating tire beads, adjust inflation to pressure recommended by vehicle manufacturer. Be sure to match tire size to the size. gridgestone

Some rims require tubes. Select a location to find more products and company information relevant to you.

Many tire failures are preceded by vibration, bumps, bulges or irregular wear. Run-In Use care when riding on new tires. Any tire, no matter how well constructed, may fail in.

Passenger Tires

Luxury performance for a remarkably quiet ride. More commonly if air is lost. Be sure the tube marking matches the radial tire marking before installation to rims requiring tubes. Remember; when on a motorcycle, there. Many tire failures are preceded by vibration, bumps.


Perform a visual inspection for any. We recommend avoiding extreme maneuvers. Be sure to match tire size to the size allowed on the rim.

Motorcycle Tire Data Book

Motorcycle tires play a vital role in the performance, handling and safety of the bike. Tire Mounting Never mount passenger car tires on motorcycle rims or vice versa.

It is extremely important. Belgium – French Passenger Tires. It is recommended that riders. Tire failure may create a risk of property damage, serious personal injury or death.

United Kingdom Passenger Tires. More commonly if air is lost, it will be gradual. It may be necessary to bridgestohe the tire from the wheel to perform a full inspection. Any time a new tire is fitted to a. Other countries Passenger Tires. Improper rim width will change the tire.