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Results 1 – 36 of 36 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of C3g Tube. Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay. Buy C3G vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier. Built specifically for the German post, these are special quality – 10, hour pentodes for use in AF and RF circuits. This really is the ULTIMATE preamp tube.

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So you are a “repeater”, and with enough repeaters, you can send a message over great distance, regardless the high noise level. Apr 1, at 7: Check for a 16 pages!!

High Amplification, low noise, long life, no distortion, small size, low filament power. Then, if you click the picture it gets enlarged, and you can see the wires. So the engineers desired the “ideal” tube. Da sind Verwechselungen doch vorprogrammiert Found the photo on c3t internet from a guy in Sweden don’t know which brand. Something similar happened in the USA, and from that period many very good, 12AT7 and are around.


Dort tjbe Herr Alexander K. So the solution is a bit more complicated than you might yube. As we all know, auto bias, biases the tubes “automatically” the same. The anodes are open from the sides. C3g-S Valvo Order Nr: C3o is a C3m with 6. I have an original price list not a copy.

Siemens C3g Vintage Tube & Tube Socket | eBay

Various Parts for tube audio guitar amplifier projects! Then, the whole hardware developed so quickly after the digital multiplexing was used, and analog repeaters were taken out of service everywhere sooner than expected. If the above is not fully clear that is because this is indeed not easy to explain. So don’t ask which one is “better”. So, whatever it takes, to reduce the plate current, that can be virtual any defect. From Order Nr: Collection of Stig Comstedt S. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

The tube tester W20 Card from above Then, after it will be condensed on the glass, the Barium getter is only conditional active. Such tubes are always high quality tubes, like C3g, C3m, C3o, or their little sister D3a.



However, make sure, you don’t get fooled by auction website sellers, shipping you normal tubes with an “S” printed on them. However C3o is exceptionally rare as NOS tube. C3g C3gFragen dazu. So far, I was not able to find the factory specifications for this, but one day, I hope “coincidence” is going to help us out here.

Siemens C3g Vintage Tube & Tube Socket

C3g Siemens Order Nr: Obendrein wird ein 9-pol. The “3” I believe is to show they are third generation post tubes.

Also it must have been a big customer. Lorenz Esslingen production.

Multiple differences or of other kind: If there was no change, you didn’t hit the tube hard enough. This fake testing c3f as as simple as it it easy. Because of the high manufacturing numbers, these were very good quality. Going further back to the ‘s, this had to be done with tube equipment. Mit dem Sockel 2 kann z.