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CFGQ Silicon Labs 8-bit Microcontrollers – MCU 25 MHz 16 kB 8- bit MCU datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Explore the latest datasheets, compare past datasheet revisions, and confirm part lifecycle. CF datasheet, CF pdf, CF data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Silicon Laboratories, Full Speed USB, 16k ISP FLASH MCU Family.

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A STOP was detected while SCK line high in idle state. This bit mimics the instantaneous value that is present on the NSS port pin at the time that the register is read.

The CF9xx family includes enhanced comparators which enable touch sense capability without any external components, but the solution can be implemented with any Silicon Labs MCU that has a standard comparator. Flash Memory On-chip, re-programmable Flash memory is included for program code and non-volatile data storage.

Post as a guest Name. D— signal currently at logic 0. Serviced Setup End Write: Flash bytes would typically be erased set to 0xFF before being reprogrammed.

All specifications apply to both Comparator0 and Comparator1 DD unless otherwise noted. Not the most clean soldering job, it was past mid night you can’t blame me. Download datasheet 2Mb Share datashwet page. I’ve added 2 resistor to be able to share the c2ck c8051320 pin with a reset button.


Full Speed USB, 16 K ISP FLASH MCU Family

This is especially effec- tive in an interrupt-driven system, saving code space and CPU bandwidth while delivering faster system response times Endpoint 0 interrupt inactive.

Serial Port 0 Operation Mode. The architecture of the trace creates a capacitive element. The ADC data is 2 bytes per sample, so 31 samples in a 64B report and 15 samples in 32B report are transferred per report.

Double-buffering disabled for the selected IN endpoint. Flash Error system reset will be generated. CFGQ datasheet and specification datasheet Download datasheet.

This register is ignored when operating in slave mode. IN Endpoint 2 Interrupt Enable 0: Datasheey exits Suspend mode when any of the following occur: Operate as a master.

Any of the following may be selected as the positive input: USB Reset Flag 0: Suspend signaling is detected on the bus. C805f320 bit is set to logic 1 if the sum of the eight bits in the accumulator is odd and cleared if the sum is even. On-Board Memory Map 1. This bit will be set to logic 1 when the receive buffer has been read and contains no new information. Writing a c8051f32 to SBUF0 initiates the transmission.

Silicon Labs 電容觸控式相關應用

Conditions Min Reset Frequency IN Endpoint 3 interrupt disabled Endpoint 3 interrupt enabled. To configure the Crossbar to skip P0. Crystal oscillator circuits are quite sensitive to PCB layout.


Comparator0 Falling-Edge Interrupt Enable. The external oscillator can continue to run, and the CPU can switch back to the external oscillator after the Flash operation has completed. SAR Conversion clock requirements are given in Table It seems that datashret time to fill a report with samples must be longer than bInterval. A capacitive touch sense solution is easily implemented on many Silicon Labs MCUs and offers many advantages including a low BOM cost, small Flash requirements less than byteslittle MCU overhead, low power requirements and does not require the MCU to use a precise voltage source.

Timer 3 interrupts set to high priority level. Why does the report fill time need to be longer than bInterval? General Purpose Flags 5—0.

HID Protocol is a poor choice for streaming data. The write and erase operations are automatically timed by hardware for proper execution With 2 Bytes in a sample this results in 32kHz maximum sampling rate. Comparator0 Rising-Edge Interrupt Enable. A touch sensitive switch is a switch that is implemented as a trace on a printed circuit board.

IN Endpoint 2 interrupt disabled