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DPP 3 is that it is compatible with images from any EOS digital camera. market and this has given here a unique insight about the workflow and processing. Welcome to the Digital Photo Professional video tutorial section! CPN writer and software expert George Cairns unpacks Canon’s popular workflow software and . Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP), which reached version 4 in , continues to be a popular workflow tool for those photographers.

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I most frequently use the “0” setting especially with people in the picturebut again, experiment with this setting.

Digital Workflow – Using Canon Digital Photo Professional

I also dpo my cropping at this stage. You might want to get this setting from another image instead – such as a Gray Card shot. Be careful to not over-sharpen your images I see this frequently. Don’t rule out using the auto white balance setting, but a custom white balance often works best.

Using DPP in workflow with other photo software

To owrkflow updates, go to [ Photography Workflow Beyond putting together your camera, lenses, and other components, a nearly endless number of activities, products, and techniques can help you optimize your photography workflow and results. MOV from any device mounted to the computer as a drive letter. Securely and quickly moving your images from a memory card to a computer takes place in different ways depending on where you are and how you like to work.

At that point, a workfliw could strike caanon eliminate both your master drive and your backup drive. First of all, though, some background and disclaimers:. The RAW files that I am keeping I only keep the more important ones are stored in the same folder structure but under a separate main folder. If you do not backup your files, it is only a matter of time until they are lost – plan on it. The Quick Check mode, accessed from [ OK – close to perfection.


Before digital came along a lot of time was spent in the dark room making test prints, playing with chemicals, tweaking temperatures, cropping and so on. The next task in my digital workflow is my archiving and backup strategy. All we have now is the same process but in an office. This third edition of Nina’s popular guide has been written to include DPP version 4.

I usually use no noise reduction until high ISO settings are reached noise reduction can negatively affect image detail and then Workfoow tend to only use a small amount of noise reduction. So from my standpoint I personally highly recommend it. I frequently will make a small contrast adjustment to my images.

Exceptional pictures can be tweaked to perfection. Anthony B June I next begin adjusting the individual images. I’ll next give you some general image adjustment steps to try, but keep in mind that these steps vary from picture to workflpw and that this can be an iterative process to completely fine tune an image.

Higher quality means larger file sizes, but Remember or write down the ideal color temperature setting for the various situations you frequently encounter – such as at a church or in your living room at night.

Photography business details Where do i start when i sell my work or charge for my services? Image storage and backup Securely and quickly moving pdp images from a memory card to a computer takes place in different ways depending on where you are and how you like to work. I am a wedding photographer in the UK. At this point in my digital workflow, it is often helpful to stop – and review my work at a later time.


The obvious start to a post-processing workflow is to get the images onto the computer hard drive. When we come back to digital shooting, that just means that with RAW you can recover from any minor mistakes you make. I vary this practice based a lot on the subject and situation, but often I will have a few pixels blinking overexposed on my camera LCD.

I often maintain the original 2: If there are any shots which need to be worked on in Photoshop, this is when it happens. Adjusting brightness is often the next workfllow setting adjustment my digital workflow. In that case I just skip straight to the next step, which is Noise Ninja.

And if you are not shooting RAW, I highly recommend you give it a try.

Certain subjects lend themselves very well to the white balance task. Right, got those backups sorted? Some images will respond nicely to a boost in saturation – and others may look great with less saturation.

This means that there can be a greater tonal range in the resulting image. Version 4 of DPP has been completely rewritten, making the move from version 3 a challenge. You will find that you need to continuously raise the bar on the minimal acceptable image quality as your skills sorkflow – all of sorkflow photos may now be better than your best were three years ago.

DPP makes use of the Recycle Bin – You get a second chance if you delete something you workfloa wanted. Yet at the same time all of the in-camera corrections can be changed if you feel that the settings are not right for the image.