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[READ] Cingular Cell Phone Manual EBooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Cingular Download Cingular User Manual Pdf user should obey all signs and instructions sparks in such areas sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or. DownloadOperators manual cingular cell phone. PDF Can t buy download apps in my own region. Software Update to Ver. Just got mine shipped to me.

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Locates an archive file. Using Letter Recognizer MIDlets copied to your device using infrared, Bluetooth, or e-mail attachments are automatically saved in the My Documents folder. Transcriber Gestures To edit text In a program, draw a line across the text you want to edit. You can have only one document open at a time. Safety Precautions For Rf Exposure To change this prefix, select String in the Prefix type list, then enter the desired characters in the Cnigular string box.

cingular user manual

Federal Communications Commission Mankal The Today Screen The Qwerty Keyboard Lets you remove a ZIP file. Don’t have an account? Use T9 Input Mode Service needed on components inside these compartments should be done by an authorized service technician or provider.

Adding And Removing Programs Table of contents Please Read Before Proceeding Change Mms Settings The next time the device is turned on, you will be prompted to enter your password. If your device does not accurately respond to screen taps, follow these steps to re-calibrate it: Make A Call From Call History To specify the number to dial By default, the mobile telephone fingular w of a contact is dialed when you make a call from Contacts.


To set up a conference call Either put a call on hold, and dial a second number; or, accept a second incoming call when you already have one in progress. While Word Mobile will open documents containing bi-directional text, the indentations and alignment may be displayed and saved incorrectly.

Turning off sounds and the flashing light helps conserve battery power. Use shortcuts in Camera mode While in Camera mode, you can use the following buttons and mznual on your device as a shortcut when performing operations. Many presentation elements built into the slide shows such as slide transitions and animations will play back on the device. This equipment may be operated in: Managing Folders To download messages from the server To send and receive e-mail messages for an e-mail account that you have with an Internet Service Provider ISP or that you access using a VPN server connection typically a work accountyou first need to connect to the Internet or your corporate network, depending on the account.

Download Cingular 8125 Manual

Chapter 3 Using Phone Features 3. When you start entering numbers, Smart Dialing will automatically search and sort the contact entries on the SIM card, in Contacts, and the phone numbers in Call History including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You can sort by name, date, and size. This is the default for cungular handwriting recognition.

The Transcriber Toolbar Tap the name of the contact you want to invite. You can even use the device camera to capture photos and video clips while composing a new MMS message, and send them along with cinggular message.



To modify your connection settings, tap Manage existing connections on the Connections screen, and complete the connection wizard. Tap manul icon to view all. The available capture modes of the camera are as follows: Page To sort pictures and video clips If you store a large number of pictures or video clips on your device, you may find it helpful to sort them to quickly find a specific picture or clip.

Making A Call About The Screens And Menus Note Not all service providers support conference calling. Resetting Your Pocket Pc Phone Page Problem ActiveSync is connected, but I can not transfer data.

Page 52 To set up a conference call Either put a call on hold, and dial a second number; or, accept a second incoming call when you already have one in progress.

If you are creating a stand-alone recording, the recording will appear in the note list. Using ActiveSync, you can copy or move information cingupar the PC to the device and vice versa.

Note To select a drawing for example, to copy or delete ittap and hold the drawing briefly.

Cingular 8125 Manuals

Accessibility For People With Disabilities Using The Phone 3. Enter a name for the connection.

Playback Screen Menu