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Comprehensive Interoperability and SIP-Based Feature Set. Part of the Cisco Small Business Pro Series, the SIP-based Cisco SPAG 4-Line IP Phone. Cisco Small Business Pro IP Phone SPA 50X User Guide (SIP) i. Contents .. For example, to obtain your IP address on the Cisco SPA G, press the Setup. Part of the Cisco Small Business Pro Series, the SIP-based Cisco SPAG 4- Line IP Phone (Figure 1) . Please see the SPA Administration Guide for details.

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A listing of Cisco’s cusco can be found at www. Third party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company.

This table describes the contents of each chapter in this document. The phone provide traditional features, such as call forwarding, redialing, speed dialing, transferring calls, conference calling and accessing voice mail.

Displays solid red when you spa504y a new voice mail message. Indicator Flashes red during an incoming call. LCD Screen Displays date and time, phone station name, line extensions, and softkey options.

Push to turn the speaker on or off.


When the speaker is on, the button glows green. Keypad Use to dial phone numbers, enter letters, and choose menu items. The softkey buttons on your phone display may vary depending on your phone model and the phone system setup. Press the Right Arrow or Left Arrow keys on the navigation button to view additional softkey buttons. Performs a call transfer. Enters a submenu and when pressed, toggles between Yes or No to enable or disable an option.

When using the phone menus, you can use the keypad to enter the number shown next to the menu or sub-menu item on the LCD screen. It contains the following sections: Do not attach the desk stand if you want to mount the phone to the wall. Connect the phone stand by lining up the tabs on the stand with the slots on the phone body. Mounting the Phone to the Wall Optional To mount the phone to the wall, you must purchase the MB wall mount bracket kit.

Slide the MB upwards to lock it in place. Push the latch in. STEP 1 Slide the retention tab up until it detaches from the phone. If you are using an external power source, insert one end of the power cord into an outlet and insert the other end of the power cord into the power port on the phone body.


Verifying Phone Startup After receiving power and network connectivity, the phone executes a boot-up sequence. All of the lights on the phone will flash. After your phone is successfully connected to the network and receives a basic configuration, your phone line keys should glow green.

See the following section for instructions. Click OK to dismiss the status message of the upgrade. If you are switching from the handset to a wireless headset, however, do not replace the handset or you will disconnect the call. Choose Preferred Audio Device and press edit. STEP 3 Press option to view your choices.

When the option you want is displayed, press ok. STEP 4 Press save. You may have to dial a number or numbers to reach an outside line. Ask your phone NOTE administrator. To place or answer a call, do one of these: Hold button places the active call on hold. Resuming a Call To resume the call, press the flashing red line button for the call or press the resume soft key.

Blind Transfer—You transfer the call without speaking to the other party to which you are transferring the call. STEP 1 During an active call, press xfer2vm.

The call is transferred with no further action required on your part. Optional Press edit to select a number and modify it for example, to add an area code. Lift the handset or press dial to automatically dial the selected number.

If the LCD screen shows a missed call, press the miss softkey to view a list of missed calls. Press the Setup button. If you are visco an intercom call, the phone rings, then automatically connects to your speakerphone.

If forwarding calls to an outside line, be sure to use any access and area codes required. Right navigation button, press the alpha softkey, and enter letters using the keypad.

Press the Left navigation button. Enter the number of seconds to delay forwarding calls, if there is no answer at your phone. STEP 1 Press the edit softkey. STEP 3 Press save. Choose Call Waiting and press edit. STEP 4 Press ok. STEP 5 Press save.

Press the conf softkey during an active call. The first call is placed on hold, a second line is STEP 1 opened, and you hear a dial tone. Cusco 1 Enter your extension then press.

STEP 2 Enter your password then press. Press the play softkey to play the selected ring tone or the select softkey to assign that ringtone to the person whose number you are adding to the directory. Select the Call History list you want to view. Available Call History lists are: Use the navigation button to spa504 to the right to access more softkey button options, and press Cisdo 2 save.


Edit the information if desired and press save again. The entry is added to your directory. STEP 2 Press the record soft key. You will see a “Recording is ON” confirmation message on the phone screen. To turn Mxnual Recording off: STEP 1 Press the exit soft key. To edit STEP 3 a previously existing speed dial, select it.

Use the navigation button to adjust the screen contrast. Pressing the Right navigation button increases the contrast. Lock—Overlays a lock graphic onto the picture. Choose the extension for which to choose a ring cksco and press change. STEP 3 Scroll through the ring tones and press play to play the highlighted ring tone. Press select to STEP 4 choose the highlighted ringtone for that extension.

Errors can interrupt your service. To access advanced menus, follow the procedures below. Your phone will no longer be connected cisfo 8×8 service if it is reset it to the Cisco factory default.

To reboot your phone: STEP 2 Press ok. Using the Web Interface Your Cisco IP Phone provides a web interface to the phone that allows you to configure some features of your phone using a web browser. This chapter contains the following sections: Call History—Displays calls received and made from your phone. If you set your call forwarding rules on your phone, they will not be in effect if your phone is disconnected from an Internet connection.

Log in to spa504gg web interface. STEP 3 Choose yes or no to enable or disable. Placed—Shows the last 60 numbers dialed from your phone.

Cisco SPA 504G Setup And User Manual

Click the tab for each list to view it. Click Submit All Changes. The station date and time in the middle of the screen. Other Cisco-provided documentation may be useful as a reference, but it often refers to features NOTE that are supported only on specific plans of specific providers mamual PBXs. It also may exclude some cloud-provided services for your business that are provided by 8×8, Inc.

Page of 68 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Cisco small business pro spa series ip phones 95 pages. Spa series and spa series ip phones with cisco unified communications 95 pages. Softkey Buttons The softkey buttons on your phone display may vary depending on your phone model and the phone system setup.