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1. Old News, But Not Enough People Know It This is old news, but old news that most people don’t know about, because Citigroup has been. Ajay Kapur, global strategist at Citigroup, and his research team came up with the term “Plutonomy” in to describe a country that is defined. Equity risk premium embedded in “global imbalances” are unwarranted. Citigroup’s second Plutonomy report, titled “Revisiting Plutonomy.

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There might be a connection with Robert Gordon. From CPS News more: Cities by number of billionaires Countries by number of billionaires Most expensive things Wealthiest animals.

Plutonomics – The Wealth Report – WSJ

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. The ongoing agony of the Great Recession has focused public discussion on the dramatic increase in the inequality of income and wealth among Americans.

Look up plutonomy in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Eight years after Kapur and his team developed and published their plutonomy thesis, the French economist Thomas Piketty achieved worldwide prominence with his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

So Citigroup did their duty and published two explosive memos, which should have become mainstream news, but eventually did not. Update on Monday, May 30, at It is easy to drown in a lake with an average depth of 4 feet, if one steps into its deeper extremes. Secondly, if citigrokp rich are to keep getting richer, as we think they will do, then this has ongoing positive implications for the businesses selling to the rich.


Citigroup attempts to disappear its Plutonomy Report #2 | Real-World Economics Review Blog

Buying Straategy, Explaining Global Imbalances. Update on Thursday, November 11, at In a number of other countries — the non-plutonomies — income inequality has remained around the levels of the stratety s. In considering these aspects, the analysts also discovered that there is a terrifying factor to consider – that the poor don’t have much economic power, but that they “have equal voting power with the rich.

Update on Sunday, January 2, at Journal Updates by Email. Little of this note should tally with conventional thinking. More info about that campaign here. This 35 page report begins: Examples of their activities can be found all over the internet.


But does placing so much money in so few hands also pose risks? What if the thoughts of OWS-protesters slip into the mainstream?

Easier download of both documents: But if voters feel they cannot participate, they are more likely to divide up the wealth pie, rather than aspire to being truly rich. Reader Comments 1 Searching for the Citigroup reports? Richard William Posner permalink. You are commenting using your WordPress.

In their study “Piketty and Plutonomy: Retrieved from ” https: Just send e-mail to gil —AT— merced-a. Notify me of new posts via email.


We can see a number of potential challenges to plutonomy. Clearly, this is a brazen abuse of copyright law to suppress legitimate journalism. Plutono,y the Citigroup plutonomy memos here: That is not true. Behold the Dark Side! From Citigroup, Equity Strategy, March 5, emphasis added. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Therefore it is apparent that Citigroup is paranoid that these memos by their analysts are being widely distributed. The full report is available here http: Edward Fullbrook has found and written about another Citi plutonomy memo. Thank God that we have such splendid police forces whose members seem to be very happy to quash any unrest with batons, tear gas, pepper spray and a high degree of rough behaviour in order to keep the plutonomists happy! December 10, plato.

BCG expects the trend toward more concentrated citigropu to continue unabated. For one thing, its not even clear if the Plutonomy Memos constitute protected copyright material. Over one million full-text copies of RWER papers are downloaded per year. While the financial wealth of the sub-millionaires is expected to increase by 3.

Could the plutonomies die because the dream is dead, because enough of society does not believe they can participate?