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Compass of Celestial Directions Vol. V: Malfeas is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition. Contents[show] Summary From the White Wolf. This page covers minor fixes and errata for Malfeas. These can be found in page order in the long list below. Any areas which provoke more. Cecelyne. Malfeas The Demon City. Tourist Attractions. The Quartered Coliseum. A tremendous Coliseum, owned and operated as Octavian’s personal.

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Creation may be where most Exalted shall duel for all their lives, but it is not all that there is.

Minireview: Compass of Celestial Directions vol. V – Malfeas (Exalted) | /var/log/orava

For other place lies around and above it, or where created below. The Underworld and its undead maofeas creeping to creation through Shadowlands. Yu-Shan, the home of Gods and the Celestials loom above creation, dicting the lives of mortal and the Horoscope of everyone. The Wyld crouches around Creation, trying to gain what was lost and bringing the Chaos back in.


A fight for the boards. Malfeas, once a Primordial, now the womb of where they were banished when they felt.

Compass of Celestial Directions Malfeas

Now evil and bitter creatures, home of demons and the Infernals. But in the center of creation, what was once home of the Solar emperors, and their Lunar consorts lies the Blessed Isle, the center of the Empire where the rulers still lay.

The Compass of Celestial Directions is a series designed to help Storytellers set their campaigns around this locations, their powers and inhabitants. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

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