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Buy Consciencia más allá de la vida by Pim van Lommel, Patricia Gonzalo De tenido experiencias cercanas a la muerte y como la conciencia vas mas alla. Pim van Lommel, Author: ATALANTA, Name: Reseña de “Consciencia más allá de la vida”. Pim van Lommel, Length: 1 pages, Page: 1, Published: En consecuencia, sería un error afirmar que la conciencia no es más que el producto de la función cerebral Pim van Lommel, Consciencia más allá de la vida.

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The author delves into every possible explanation for NDE’s, even mentioning quantum mechanics as a possibility. Pim van Lommel’s book is one of the most well written and documented books on Near Death Experiences thus far and likely one of the few that have medical fact as back-ups for the reasoning behind his points. Read the English Wikipedia site.

La mente inmortal

The questions that he asks and the conclusions that he draws are solid. What will really happen when I die? In order to understand the NDE phenomenon, we need to understand what consciousness may actually be. Van Lommel does a good job connecting the dots between science and what most people would call a mystical experience. It hit home, since I did have a NDE.

Quote by Pim van Lommel: “La mente humana es capaz de transformar la estr”

Modern resuscitation techniques have resulted in more NDE experiences, but medical equipment has yet to accurately determine when someone is actually dead. This was a truly brilliant book that presents a fascinating approach to answering the question of what happens after we die. En het is maar helemaal de vraag of we ooit wel zover komen.

First of all, I have to stress the difficulty of finding a reliable source of non-biased information on a topic such as Near Death Experiences, which is a field full of spiritual gibberish and religious hacks. Het verhaal over teleporterende krekels en het complot van de CIA deed mij het boek bijna wegleggen en in ieder geval hard lachen.

This didn’t help, however, because there were many terms that were used without further explanation of the meaning or implication of these terms. I feel like these sections could have potentially been made into a separate, expanded book that would be far easier to understand, given the appropriate treatment for each of the terms and their concepts.


Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience

In van Lommel’s opinion, the current views on the relationship between the brain and consciousness held by most physicians, philosophers, and psychologists are too narrow for a proper understanding of the phenomenon. It’s important to know that preconceived prejudice affects scientists’ attitudes toward the NDE.

Dec 01, Florio is currently reading it. One of the most fascinating facts I learned in this book was, “By high school, about a third of these children develop alcoh The major theme in this book was the scientific aspect of NDEs near death experiences. But the sheer amount of research and scientific investigation that went into this is fascinating and heartening.

For anyone who is truly serious about wanting to know more about NDE’s and wants more than a fluff-filled story about whether consciousness goes on beyond the death of our physical bodies, this is a must read book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A strictly mat Hands down this is the most scientific exploration of the near-death experience. The book does not state this explicitly but does lead one in that direction. Mar 17, Coli Barth rated it really liked it.

Keep an open mind. This is definitely a good for anyone who is interested in genuine scientific explanations for the Near Death Experience phenomenon.

Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience by Pim van Lommel

Published June 8th by HarperOne first published There’s a sense throughout of can integrity of the author in his quest for the truth, whatever it may be.

May 30, Mary Jo Malo rated it it was amazing. Wat een slecht, ontzettend slecht, boek. However, the author simplifies the issues to a point that most readers will comprehend the gist of the main point. Publieksprijs voor het Nederlandse Boek Nominee Die boodschap wordt, terecht, op een aantal verschillende varianten herh Het boek van Pim van Lommel is gebaseerd op zijn bijzonder waardevol wetenschappelijk werk rondom BDEs.


Not is it necessary to summarize everything from every previous chapter in any new chapter. At this point the book looses its value.

In Novemberhis book Endless Consciousness Eindeloos Bewustzijn was published in The Netherlands, which was a bestseller with more than The incredibly detailed first-hand experiences of NDEs in here were fascinating to read and posed many questions.

Will be looking to read more on this subject as I find it fascinating and think that science has A fairly easy read in terms of understanding the science behind the facts. This is a book that makes you think long and hard about life and death. See 2 questions about Consciousness Beyond Life…. As a cardiologist one of van Pimmel’s concerns is that survivors be listened to with compassion and curiosity rather than dismissed and ridiculed not only by medical professionals but family and friends.

I expected the whole book to detail this research and current scientific information re. And at this point van Lommel goes one step further than the rest.

Het is daarom ook bijzonder nuttig om het in boekvorm aan een breed limmel kenbaar te maken. La prima parte del libro tratta dei casi di NDE e le loro possibili spiegazioni. It occurs to me that nobody can re This is not the sort of book I often read. I fear the people dismissing it as “pseudoscience” are doing so not from a point of view of actually reading the scientific presentation of nonlocal consciousness in the book, mws from sticking too rigidly to the prevailing scientific view that the brain is like a computer and switches off for good Superb book that makes you think De roep “Jongens, hier is echt wat aan de hand dat we pjm kunnen verklaren, dus breek je heilige huisjes maar af” is door Pim van Lommel wetenschappelijk gestaafd.