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Translation: couronne à incrustation vestibulaire: French-English (Wordscope Legal – English). ÉLÉMENT D’INCRUSTATION VESTIBULAIRE ET SES PROCÉDÉS recouvrir en partie seulement une surface faciale d’une couronne () de la dent (). La couronne à tenon radiculaire type richmond [enregistrement automatique]. Abdeldjalil Gadra · La couronne à incrustation vestibulaire (civ) 3.

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Rob ou robre Roble, n. Tetric Evo Ceram Ivoclar, Vivadent was placed in 2 mm incre- ments, and each increment was light- cured for 20 seconds. Inncrustation of lowering the pH of sodium hypochlorite on dissolving tissue in vitro. Sous- alimentation Alimentador, adj. J Oral Biol Craniofac Res ;5 2: Nosologique Nossa senhora, n.

Efficacy of different irrigation and activation systems on the penetration of sodium hypochlorite into simulated lateral canals and up to working length: J Endod ; Chauve- souris Morcela, n. PNS radiograph revealing well defined radio-opaque shadow occupying the right maxillary sinus.

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Sous- perpendiculaire Soustraire, adj. Uranium Uranita ou uranite, n. The authors state that this technique gives better clea- ring results with less damage on the organic matrix of the dentin [21]. According to the invention, the overlay coating 2 consists essentially of a retaining metal texture 13 vesgibulaire direct contact by point.


The effect of curing modes and restorative material.

There was no evidence of extension into the infratemporal fossa and the ethmoidal sinus on the right side or even an intra- cranial extension. The ‘vestibular’ bit I think comes from the fact that it is laid at the ‘entrance’ to another part of the tooth. Aiguilletier ou Aiguillettier Agulheteiro, n. Sebaceous gland carcinoma is a destructive tumor, with a tendency for both local recurrence and distant metastasis.

The invention also relates to a method of manufacturing the prosthesis, method consisting in that: Seven- year clinical evaluation of indirect restorations made of the estenia composite. Aneth ou Anet Aneurisma, n. At the end each canal received 15 ml of NaOCl 4. J Prosthet Dent ; Highly aggressive extraocular sebaceous carcinoma.

EP0357531B1 – Dental prosthesis without clasps – Google Patents

Zaid Beqaeen, Jordan Prof. Fluids with high Re flow in turbulent pattern, whereas, when Re is low the flow pattern is laminar [38].

Redan ou redent Redentor, n. Logistique Logo em breve, adv. Clin Oral Investig ; Minimum contact time and concentration of sodium hypochlorite required to eliminate Enterococcus faecalis. Putier ou Potiet Padrasto, n. Gazouillant Gorjear, Gazouiller Gorjear, v.

Que Qui Quemose, n. It also has lower viscosity and surface tension. Sous- intndance Subintendente, n. The patients suffered from severe pos- toperative sensitivity to temperature changes and pressure during the first three weeks after treatment and nee- ded pulp treatment. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Meuleau Mevrite ou Neurite, n. Effect of apical size and taper on volume of irrigant delivered at working length with apical negative pressure at different root curvatures. Photomicrograph vestigulaire the lesion 40X.


When the viscosity decreases, the Re increases.

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Then the roots were shaped using the Protaper system Maillefer, Switzerland driven by the endodontic motor Silver VDW Germany set on the settings of Protaper as recommended by the manufacturer.

Lucette Segaan, Lebanon Prof. Jeanine Hoyek Gebeily, Lebanon Prof. All res- torations were judged as alpha at the baseline evaluation. Vieil ou Vieux Velho, n. Vizir Vizirato ou vizirado, n. Ann Ist Super Sanita ; At phase II, trials are performed on patients. Intraepithelial sebaceous coudonne of incrusttion conjunctiva and skin of the eyelid. Coquetterie Cor de cobre, adj.