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The Cynic Epistles by Abraham J Malherbe, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Phil Somers, the chief fellow of The Cynic Philosophy group on Facebook, wanted to do a reading plan of The Cynic Epistles; and I have put one together for them. Buy the Paperback Book The Cynic Epistles by Abraham J. Malherbe at , Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on.

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I find the stories Gr: The Epistles were not written by the folks to whom they are attributed. Instead, they were pedagogical parables, or even proselytizing tools, for Cynics traveling west from Greece to Rome. Feel free to follow along, or contribute at the group page linked above. Letter numbers are also included, so you may follow in other editions, as well.


Some of the Epistles are grouped together in days, epistels of their brevity, while others are split across several days due to their length. This should take between five eplstles seven minutes each day, and should be quite do-able in the mornings or evenings as your schedule permits.

Introduction to The Epistles of Anacharsis p. Introduction to The Epistles of Crates p. To His Students p. To the Youths p. To the Same p. The Epistles of Cyic Part 1 p. The Epistles of Diogenes Part 2 p. To Hicetas, do well p.

Cynic epistles – Wikipedia

To Phaenylus, do well p. To Aristippus, greetings p. To Sopolis, do well p. To Timomachus, do well p. To Monimus, do well p.

Diogenes the Cynic to Alexander p. To Rhesus, greetings p.

The Epistles of Heraclitus p. King Darius to the Ephesians p.

The Cynic Epistles: A Study Edition

Heraclitus to Amphidamas p. To Hermodorus Part 1 p. To Hermodorus Part 2 p.


Of Socrates Part 1 p. Of Socrates Part 2 p.

The Cynic Epistles : A Study Edition

Aeschines to Xenophon Part 1 p. Aeschines to Xanthippe, the Wife of Socrates p. To Philip Part 1 p. To Philip Part 2 p.