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Read Donnie Brasco Movie Script. Created from srt subtitles. This is Donnie, a friend of mine. – How you doing? The good news is my *** is now a popsicle. – Hi, Sonny. – Sonny, how you doing? Sonny Red. – Who’s this guy. The young man is Donnie Brasco (Johnny Depp); the older fella, Lefty Ruggiero ( Al Pacino). And though they don’t exactly start off on the right foot, what begins.

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He’s made no progress.

You’d better fucking csript me. The guys plan gin. Put the phone on your pillow. Face that cock sucker Sonny Red. Action, Adventure, Horror Screenplay Awards: Donnie powers his window back up. There’s one thing I know, it’s boats. You never hear from the boss until he gets whacked He han gs up. The FBI denied him a pension. The Lincoln is longer. Why are you worried then? It’s a gift from me. Who srcipt fuck wants to go to Florida?


Just have a few things we’d like to go over here, ya know. Where’s the fuckin’ doctor? Don’t call me Joe again. Action, Crime, Thriller Screenplay Awards: A dime on the vig. Now, on your day, you make an intimacy request.

How come you didn’t see the paper? We’re sitting here, right?

BLOOD belches out of his mouth Tak es ou t a GUN. I’d get on that boat, and I’d go.

Scripts On The Net – Donnie Brasco, by Paul Attanasio – Read The Screenplay

The Lion moves to the next car. No man of mine is gonna be alone on Christmas.

A sle ep at 1 2 noon. What’s it look like I’m doing? You want to keep an eye on me? No man of mine is gonna be alone on Christmas. Donnie looks to Lefty for help It was so entertaining How ya doin’? Dojnie gonna bust a blood vessel. Am I getting the silent treatment?

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This job is eatin’ me alive. I’m the skipper now. Ruled with an iron hand. They set the boat up. You and your Mafia faggots can go screw each other. Brascp home, you miserable bitch. See s hi s daughter Terry as she kisses her boyfriend good night. The whole fucking crew. Jeb Stuart and Steven E. Nicky, who won the fucking war?

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Donnie Brasco (1997) Movie Script

Wise guy don’t carry his money in a wallet. Rem ember that day when we were freezing our nuts off, watching all of them going to sit down with the boss? The guns don’t work. What kind of a man has a malvole? Honey, are you okay? You don’t leave me. Try and sell it. Say it to my face, if scgipt gonna do this. You’re calling me a dunsky? The boss ends up dead or in jail. You think I said brassco to Sonny?