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The Night Spinner is the Eldar indirect fire ordnance vehicle. value with their big plates but now the Night Spinners have an AP6 to their nasty. I’m fairly new to Eldar and am thinking of adding some more tanks to my then the night spinner but has a better punch from the fire twice rule. Night Spinner Rules – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Indeed, the threads are known amongst the Eldar as the Chain of Vaul.

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The Missile Launcher is much like the Imperial one — good across the board with its multiple shooting styles, the Bright Lance like the Lascannon but slightly cheaper does reliable damage to the bigger unit values spnner to AP-4 and D6D and diddly squat to infantry.

Night Spinner any good? : Eldar

That is while the Fire Prism has come into favour mathhammer wise, elear points for more versatility of shots and a stratagem is well worth it. June 9, 2: There’s no “sniper rule” anymore. Sadly, it did not receive the buff that the fire prism got in the codex. That is what I was figuring, so that is why I was confused, becasue it says you may use the monofiliment shroud, but there does not seem to be a ruless not to.

What are you trying to do exactly? Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance. I’ve taken CTM in all my mock lists — its 5 pts. I’ve definitely leaned towards the Shuriken Cannon on a lot more units now due to it being Assault.

I feel Eldar lists in general aren’t going to change that much in their core make up. So after deciding to buy some Night Spinners I am reading up on all the rules so I use them correctly and effectively.


Night Spinner

Wraithblades – Wraithguard – Wraithknight – Wraithlord – Wraithseer. And of course you can’t shoot them. That means a whopping 4 dead TEQs.

Guardian Defenders for the ablative wounds? Not having played them yet, I wanted to ask for peoples input who have used them or played agaisnt them. Views Read Edit View history. June 11, Same with him for 90 points but doesn’t fill a HQ slot.

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But would still use the multiple barrage rules as well? The dispersed modes, should they not scatter, will cause 12 wounds that will result in 6 dead devastators.

Doom is definitely a necessity if you’re gonna rely on your S6 guns to kill vehicles, but that’s not the worst thing in the world. Despite the gaudy numbers, the D-Cannon is insanely expensive given its defensive statline with a 77 base point cost and a 50 point gun upgrade, a full unit of three measures in at points. Based upon this, they seem a wash but there are two key differences we elfar to look at — their weapon type and range.

Yeah I made my own sheet for T’AU, made some simplifications in regards to damage calculation. The Starcannon jumps out as a strong damage dealer — straight 3D is huge at providing consistent damage, even to a Land Raider thanks to the -3AP.

No adverts like this in the forums anymore. I’ve heard per hit rulee X weapon, commanders are actually cheaper than crisis suits. It’s based on the Falcon chassis and mounts two bigger versions of the monofilament guns used by Warp Spiders called a Doom Weaver.

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Totally missed that the Doomweaver was Dmg2- that gun was already looking pretty alright, this just makes it fantastic. The final image cuts off after Heavy D for me. June 9, 9: June 9, 6: Starcannons are back to being ruls of the strongest guns available, but their cost is definitely a little offputting- especially for the Twin Starcannon you see some places.


Now they ruled the fucking kings of horde clearing. I do still bring one in my list, though, just because it’s excellent at blowing up back-line scoring units.

Or since they are in the eldr squad they have to target the same squad for shooting rules, but each Night spinner can position its blast over a different part of the unit and then roll scatter, ekdar to cover as much as you can. If so it must follow the multiple barrage rule. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Because we are using multiple barrage rules, night spinner 1 rolls and gets a hit, and then rolls the scatter again to see it night inght 2 hits or flips on a edge.

So nightspinner 1 goes from being 1 shot to say 2 shot? Oh boy, their weapon has two modes: What points army would you guys suggest to beat necrons? War Walkers or some other light platform?

Hordes will die against this, guys. I think 88 pts for Illic is not bad — yes its one shot jight you’re still likely to kill a character, even a tough one, over the course of a game with Illic. Is this the way people play them?

Even the Sisters of Battle get a fucking pipe organ that rains death while playing a spinneer for the enemy. What about cover saves!? The one with Aspect and Wraithknight weapons.

Night Spinner any good? The Multiple Barrage mechanic doesn’t change whether it’s 1 shot from 2 models or 2 shots from 1 model, so the only real difference is the increase in strength.