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Honda Civic / Del Sol ( – ) – erl mf2 injector controller – I was wondering what was everybodys opinions on this controller. Is it easy to tune, or reliable?. I have a 8v turbo project, and am running a MF2 for fueling: Would anyone know the easiest way to work out the fueling, i’ve done some. Engine Management – MF2 Fuel Injecter Controller – I just got done wtb: Erl Mf2 addtional injector controller ford injecter ยท Got a Great E-bay.

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Any help you can give me would be great. Send a private message to Sikocivic.

I don’t think the injecters are coming on at all. For applications where load signal throttle angle sensor or manifold absolute pressure sensor MAP sensor are available, the MF2 can read these signals and perfom 3-D mapping functions. I have searched but all I get is places etl sell F Max kits.

Water injection doesn’t technically boost octane but it does have a similar effect in that it helps limit detonation. My question is, what in the hell exactly IS this thing?

ERL MF2 5th injector kit .

Fmax uses a setup like that in their kits, the charge pipe is tapped to accept two injectors and with the kit you get the injectors plus a preprogrammed MF2. Aquamist mf2 injector driver – Aquamist mf2 injector driver. Quote message in reply?

Members List Mark Forums Read. I understand that it is a form of ECU, or an addition to it, ,f2 what else? They come in the FMax turbo kit. Quickly delivered via simple online ordering from the comfort of your home, workplace, or even when on the move using your smartphone or tablet! To properly tune an engine you’ll need to know what is happening inside your engine.


Instruction manual A page comprehensively-written instruction manual discusses every aspect of the MF2 in great detail, including over 20 schematic diagrams and illustrations. This system will work on a 2,3,4,6 or 8 cylinder motor.

I’m running it in 3D, with four injectors When it’s on the 4 cylinder pins it reads double the RPM that my tach is reading.

RotorSports water injection Aquamist

Don’t be shy, come join us! G Sump plug torque etl setting. IMO, I’d rather go with the latter sp? I’ve read the article on it a half dozen times, and I’m still confused as to what it is and what it comes with. Thread Tools Show Printable Erk. There is not just the fuel mapbut the gain control to set up as the MF2 is clever enough to read different throttle positions and boost levels and fuel accordingly if set up correctly like mine Finger99 now was and Emma’s turbo Cinq is now.

No need to be fancy, just mff2 overview. It controls 2 extra cc injecters that are in the intake pipe just before the TB. Technical help Q A. The light that tells me when I go into boost was set for 5lbs and I turned that down so it comes on at 1lb of boost.


MF2 Fuel Injecter Controller – HomemadeTurbo – DIY Turbo Forum

Find More Posts by qtiger. A pre-pressurized system enables instant response on demand. T Fan only blowing at max setting. There are no mechanical links between the piston and the drive motor: Find More Posts by MrFatbooty.

Is this to be used in conjunction to a turbo timer, kf2 is it used for that purpose also? The MF2 can handle a maximum of 4 fuel injectors but with caution or you’ll burn the unit. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. MF2 injector driver This small mff2 will go beyond what any EPROM chip can ever dream of it can control four high impedance injectors to flow enough fuel for.

erl mf2 injector controller

I just got done installing a MF2 fuel injecter controller. In addition, it has diagnostic circuitry designed to detect blocked water-jets and cut pipes. Simply select your model to the left, pick a category, locate your parts, pay via erll online payment, then sit back and relax If for some reason you upgraded all of your factory 4 cylinder fuel injectors to larger ones and decides that you what to increase the boost, then you’ll need to purchase a set of new fuel injectors.