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Tropical sprue (TS) is a syndrome characterized by acute or chronic diarrhea, weight loss, and malabsorption of nutrients. It occurs in residents. Tropical Sprue; Kwashiorkor. Sprue, both tropical and nontropical, has been a subject of great interest to the medical community ever Sp: Esprue tropical. Tropical sprue is a chronic diarrheal disease, possibly of infectious origin, that involves the small intestine and is characterized by.

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Tropical sprue is caused by inflammation of your intestines. This swelling makes it more difficult for you espruue absorb nutrients from food. This is also called malabsorption. Tropical sprue makes it particularly difficult to absorb folic acid and vitamin B This can cause a number of different symptoms. Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to function properly. Tropical sprue is rare unless you live in or visit tropical areas.

Specifically, it generally occurs in the tropical areas of:. Researchers believe the condition is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in your intestines. The specific bacteria that cause tropical sprue are unknown. Your doctor will order a series of tests to rule out these conditions. One way to diagnose tropical sprue is to look for signs of the nutritional deficiencies it causes. Tests for damage caused by malabsorption include:.

Your doctor may also use an enteroscopy to confirm your diagnosis. During this test, a thin tube is inserted through your mouth into your gastrointestinal tract. This allows your doctor to see any changes in the small intestine. During the enteroscopy, a small sample of tissue may be removed. This removal process is called a biopsyand the sample will be analyzed. If you have tropical sprue, there may be signs of swelling in the lining of your small intestine.

Tropical sprue is treated with antibiotics.

This kills the bacteria overgrowth that results in this condition. Antibiotics may be given for a period of two weeks or one year. Tetracycline is the most commonly used antibiotic for treating tropical sprue. Other broad-spectrum antibiotics may also be prescribed, including:. Tetracycline is usually not prescribed in children until they have es;rue their permanent teeth.


Tropical sprue

This is because tetracycline can discolor teeth that are still forming. Children will receive a different antibiotic instead. The dosage will vary depending on your symptoms and response to treatment. Your doctor will prescribe you therapy to replace the vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes that your body is lacking.

You may be given:. Folic acid should be given for at least three months. You may improve quickly and dramatically after your first large dose of folic acid. Folic acid may be enough to improve symptoms on its own. Vitamin B12 is recommended if your levels are low or symptoms last for more than four months.

Your doctor may also prescribe antidiarrheal medications to control symptoms. The most common complications of tropical sprue are vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Tropical sprue: revisiting an underrecognized disease.

The condition espdue lead to growth failure and problems with bone maturation in children. With proper treatment, the outlook for tropical sprue is very positive.

According to the Postgraduate Medical Journalmost people show good outcomes after three to six months of treatment. Identifying your triggers can take some time and self-reflection. In the meantime, there are things you can try to help calm or quiet your anxiety…. Since the introduction of the first birth control pill inwomen have espreu to rely on the pill as an effective way to prevent pregnancy.

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Tropical sprue: revisiting an underrecognized disease.

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What can I do to prevent getting tropical sprue if I am traveling to a trolical location? There is no known prevention for tropical sprue other than avoiding tropical locations. All content is strictly informational and should not be considered medical advice. Nausea and Birth Control Pills: Eesprue You Live with Anxiety? Why It Happens and How to Prevent It Since the introduction of the first birth control pill inwomen have come to rely on the pill as an effective way to prevent pregnancy.

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