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Feudalism has 48 ratings and 9 reviews. Jan-Maat said: Best contrasted with Bloch’s Feudal Society which offer’s a broad definition of Feudalism, Ganshof. Feudalism: Third English Edition [F.L. Ganshof] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The word ‘feudalism’ (Germ. Lehnswesen or Feudalismus; Fr. féodalité) is one to which many different meanings have been attached. During the French.

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Narrow interpretation of the feudal relationship in Western Europe from the ninth to the twelfth centuries. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Susan rated it it was gansuof Apr 01, Published December by Harper Torchbooks first published Lists with This Book. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

View all 4 comments. The nobleman, now tenant-in-chief, would further subdivide his land and bequeath it too his knights and followers, insuring their loyalty to him. Dec 24, Elia Princess of Starfall rated it liked it Gansof it for: However, the king is still the true owner of the land or fief; the nobleman to whom he gave it to is now a tenant-in-chief.

Professor Ganshof avoided the task, attempted by Marc Bloch, “Professor Ganshof’s book answers the prayer of every teacher and student of medieval history for a lucid, concise and authoritative exposition of feudal institutions.

Here he defines feudalism narrowly, in simple legal and military terms.

Feudalism – François Louis Ganshof – Google Books

Land is power and power is everything especially in the violent and ruthless Middle Ages. I did find the lack of an index feudalidm, especially because of all the specialized language–if I couldn’t remember his definition of a term, I had to skim through the book looking for the first mention of it.

Ernesto Ribeiro rated it it was amazing Jul 27, What happens when you can no longer perform your duties either due to age or fitness, if you owe service to more than one Lord and both are at war with each other, is the Fief heritable, can a widow hold a fief for an infant? Fe We all know about the archaic and old-fashioned concept of medieval feudalism, am I right? My old edition is decorated with line drawings from manuscripts of knights, homage and castles, while not strictly necessary is a counterweight to the austerity of the subject.


The joy and the problem of Bloch’s definition is that includes medieval Europe, Japan and the Middle East among others as having Feudal Societies – broadly similar ways of extracting value from agriculture and power over the countryside, if one wants to talk about what was weird, specific and peculiar to Europe then one needs Ganshof, the issue with him is that it is not just particular to a place but also a time, his book deals with a period of about one century and one can already spot the system straining and changing in places and not conforming to Ganshof’s vision, his book almost invites a series of categories Feudalism I through to Feudalism VII b wales to deal with the development and varieties in time and space of European Feudalism.

All of the Latin quotations are translated there are many.


Jan 02, Jan-Maat added it Shelves: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This book goes into detail about the legal intricacies of the feudal order, while describing in detail how feudalism arose out of the chaos of the Carolingian Empire and permeated the social, political and economical structure of Europe.

The slight problem is that Ganshof is right and Bloch agnshof also right. Studies in Carolingian Historytr.

Bekah rated it liked it Nov 30, If you’re looking for a quick, accessible, and intelligent introduction to feudalism this is a good place geudalism go. Just don’t expect this to be super engaging Here he succeeded Pirenne in as professor of medieval history, after Pirenne left the university as a result of the enforcement of Dutch as language of instruction.


Christopher rated it really feudalidm it Apr 26, Ganshof was renowned as the greatest European expert on the Frankish kingdoms, particularly under the Carolingian dynasty; he never wrote the definitive biography of Charlemagne that everyone expected of him, but his contributions to Frankish history continue to be fundamental. Want to Read saving…. Rozinha Leal rated it liked it Sep 08, Ganshof’s work was primarily on Flanders in the Carolingian period.

But it is still an excellent overview of the legal side of the concept–Ganshof limits his discussion to the higher levels of society you don’t see serfs here.

It is an inexpensive paperback. He remained there until his retirement in This page was last edited on 24 Augustat Fans of the Middle Ages. Felix rated it really liked it Mar 02, It’s the perfect place to go if y If you’re looking for a quick, accessible, and intelligent introduction to feudalism this is a good place to go.

François-Louis Ganshof – Wikipedia

With its wealthy and controlling monarchs, belligerent and deceitful nobles and its many, many overworked, underpaid feudalusm desperately poor peasants? The feidalism gives lengthy and intense monologues about fiefs and vassals, oaths of homage and military assistance, the hereditary titles that came and went with certain fiefs and how feudalism operated on different and contrasting scales in opposing countries.

Ganshof, The Carolingians and the Frankish Monarchy. After studies with Ferdinand Lothe practiced law for a period, before returning to the University of Ghent. Brittney Tyler rated it liked it May 09,