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Fluir (Flow) has ratings and reviews. Nathan said: You know that uncle you have, who doesn’t have any kids and loves to talk your ear off ev. : Fluir (Flow): Una psicología de la felicidad () by Mihály Csikszentmihályi and a great selection of similar New, Used and. Buy Fluir (Flow): Una Psicologia de La Felicidad Translation by Dr Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi PhD, Nuria Lopez, Nuria Lspez (ISBN: ) from.

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This poses a problem as psucologia people write are not really what they mean. The key element of an optimal experience is that it is an end in itself.

The book is content in merely observing and categorizing human behavior, an attribute of popular psychology, which I feel gives psychology demerits in credibility.

Leisure provides a relaxing respite from work, flwo it generally consists of passively absorbing information, without using any skills or exploring new opportunities for action. This becomes clearer and clearer in chapter 5, when the Csikszenmihalyi Will I ever be able to write or say that name with forgetting an ‘z’ or ‘t’ here and there?

The crux of the subject is pretty much tackled in the initial chapters ie. The book has some good advice. For example, in Cacioppo and Patrick’s felkcidad they presented a subject who overtly showed and expressed that he was a happy person.

Too repetitive, the book could have easily been 50 pages shorter whilst making the same point. One example would have been sufficient. But as soon as a person decides which aspects of the past are compelling, and decides to pursue them, focusing on the sources and the details that are personally meaningful, and recording findings in a persona style, then learning history can become a full-fledged flow experience.


Felix Lo same feeling i have been getting so far. The book is content with saying aim for this but barely touches the surface of the important thing which is: I’d recommend reading an abridged version instead.

This presents some interesting ideas that are almost self-evident when someone bothers pointing psiicologia out explicitly.

Fluir (Flow): Una psicologia de la felicidad by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (2 star ratings)

But a person does not have to be turned into a puppet jerked about by social controls. Even if initially undertaken for other reasons, the activity that consumes us becomes intrinsically rewarding. Share your thoughts with other customers. This book uses phrases such as “decreasing your psychic entropy” and “ordering your consciousness”.

To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. Useful and Insightful for Business Performance. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. A bigger issue is that, while the author lays out seemingly flicidad requirements This presents some interesting ideas that are almost self-evident when someone bothers psifologia them out explicitly. The loss of self consciousness 7. We all “get” what is meant by flow once explained psicooogia I felt like I was listening to 5 hours of this explained over and over again.

Get to Know Us. The beginning of the book was great and goes into consciousness, feelings, the external world vs your internal state, flow, where flow comes from, felixidad conditions must exist for flow, etc. After reading Haidt’s “The Happiness Hypothesis,” I had such high expectations for one of the pioneers of the Positive Psychology movement.

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Preview — Fluir Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Had some real 3- and 4-star nuggets. Consequently it has become embarrassing to be called a dilettante, even though to be a dilettante is to achieve what counts most – the enjoyment one’s actions provide. The rest and larger part of the book is quite redundant and filled with mostly common sense. Want to Read saving…. It can be useful in troubleshooting areas of a person’s life that aren’t working – in what ways is he doing this activity wrong?


There are four rules for developing such a self: None, however, have concerned themselves with the psychology behind achieving such positive states, and how a person might apply those principles and make possible the transition from theory to practice.

But originally, “amateur,” from the Latin verb amare, “to love,” referred to a person who loved what he was doing. Read more Read less.

Martin Seligman, former president of the American Psychological Association, described Csikszentmihalyi as the world’s leading researcher on positive psychology.

Dropped after 30 pages. This is not to say that we should abandon every gal endorsed by societ Notes for a review never written: Not a good read unq all.

Fluir (Flow): Una psicologia de la felicidad

I tried for two months to get all the way through it. It’s a great message that is frankly poorly presented. Everything Csitszentmizhaliy wrongly spelled, again. Not enough hard psychology, the author writes laa having a long career in research but presented none of it.

The “autotelic self” is one that easily translates potential threats into enjoyable challenges, and therefore maintains its inner harmony. I wanted to like this book.