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Internal combustion engine 20 produces exhaust 18 which is collected from internal combustion engine 20 by an exhaust manifold As such, I am able to achieve several highly desirable goals, namely, the extraction of valuable energy from alternate fuel while at the same time removing alternate fuel from the waste stream; or, in the case of crude oil, using this material directly thereby eliminating the need to subject the same to the expensive and capital intensive refining processes.

Mount the GEET Fuel Processor as far away as possible from the generator magnetic field so they do not interfere with each other. Patent applications have been filed for the US and foreign Countries.

When Icalled the number I was informed that Jim was asked to resign. We will make a full demonstration of the engine.

Also be very careful with credit cards in your pockets or video cameras, etc from getting too close to the engine while it’s running so they won’t be erased. These alternate fuels include almost any liquid hydrocarbon such as crude oil or recycled material such as motor oil, solvents, paint thinners, and various alcohols, to name several. More advanced versions are now available from GEET that use air management valves that combine all 3 valve functions with automatic sequencing, and also carburetor or fuel injection systems to replace bubblers in moving vehicles.

However, the primary source of thermal energy for the volatilization of alternate fuel 60 is supplied by exhaust 18b as it passes through plenum chamber The thermal pretreater serves as a reactor and is configured as a reactor tube having a reactor rod mounted, preferably concentrically, therein with a reduced annular space surrounding the rod.

Finally – Experiment with the optional Back Pressure valve to run closed loop consruction heavy fuels, different materials for the inner pipe and reaction rod. Since this technology was published in the Exotic Research Report and its subsequent demonstration at the New Energy Symposium in Denver this April, many developments have taken place.

Vetails invention is best understood from the following description and the appended claims taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings wherein like parts are designated by like numerals throughout. Because most chemical reactions involve polarized molecules while ordinary gases are unpolarized, magnegases release far more energy than expected from the combustion of their unpolarized counterparts.

In any event, I have found, for example, that I am able to satisfactorily operate an internal combustion engine using as my fuel source materials generally considered to be totally unsuitable as fuels for an internal combustion engine. Make sure to paint all external pipes and connectors with High Temperature Grill Paint or they will rust very quickly afterwards.


As shown, exhaust 18 passes through an annular space 51 surrounding reactor tube 52 where it transfers a portion of its constructipn energy to reactor tube Rather than heating the reaction chamber with exhaust gases from the fuel burning equipment being powered, and such heating is presently preferred because such heating is integrally a part of the equipment used which appears to provide optimum results, the reaction chamber could be heated by other means. The volatilized constructlon fuel passes through this annular space where it is subjected to thermal pretreatment prior to being introduced into the intake reachor of the fuel burning equipment.

The exact length of the Plasma chamber need be adjustable to fully accommodate rapid change of fuels when different blends are being used. The beauty of this design is that it can be reconfigured in minutes.

Except copper, brass or galvanized. The make up of the reactor rod does not appear to be important. The specific natural flow of self generated energy which does create its own fields outside of lightning, and natural phenomenon.

For other motors in which there is less of the latter, the gain could be lower but still not negligible. A few months ago, when the inventor invited scientists from all over the country, detwils help in compiling a reasonable theory or formula for why the invention works, he found very few takers.

Most professional plumbing supply stores stock higher quality parts compared to large home centers cheap plumbing parts. The engine will not run if the rod is put in backwards after it has a magnetic signature. Such other means, however, should be arranged to provide similar heating and heat gradients as are provided by the exhaust gas.

Also note that, when detwils CO 2 is eventually released in the atmosphere or recycled, one is left with a brew consisting of residual, unvolatilized fuel, soot and various heavy hydrocarbons, which would be ideally suited for recycling in a “Hadronic Reactor” into Magnegas.

Paul Pantone ~ GEET Fuel Pretreater (US Patent # 5,,)

The pretreatment makes it possible for the fuel burning equipment to utilize as its fuel source fuels or other materials that are generally considered as not being suitable fuels for such fuel burning equipment. In the GEET device the plasma fields is generated internally. Getting testing done or the interest to get them done at such places as Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, Southwest Research Laboratories Universities, etc.

One does not consider crude oil or recycled materials such as used motor oil, cleaning solvents, paint thinner, alcohol, and the like, as a suitable fuel source for an internal combustion engine.


Here, it must be observed that there are heat gradients, as the outer surface of the inner pipe is heated by the exhaust, while the steel bar inside that doesn’t touch it reactog cooled by the cooler flow of the bubbled exhaust.

GEET Reactor Construction Details

In yet another run I was able to use waste battery acid as my sole eeactor source. This novel fuel pretreater enables the fuel burning equipment to utilize as fuels combustible products selected from material such as crude oil or recycled materials such as motor oils, paint thinners, solvents, alcohols, and the like and noncombustible products such as battery acid. Exhaust 18 contains a significant amount of thermal energy resulting from the combustion of starting fuel 24 in internal combustion engine Once these processes are self sustaining, the fuel system is switched over from the gasoline system to the alternate fuel system.

Volatilized alternate fuel 66 is directed into reaction chamber 56 where it is reacror to the pretreatment process of this invention by becoming reaction fuel 67 and then pretreated fuel All of the currently studied Plasma generators, basically share a design and operational feature in that they attempt to Push the Fuel, under pressure, into a reaction, whereby a need for outside energy to force the device to function.

raector Thus, this system has several positive points. Let us call A and B the two ends of the 50 cm long pipes and bar. With it, There is no need for catalytic converters, smog pumps and many other costly items on carsas the GEET fuel processor is not just a fuel delivery system it is also a pollution elimination unit!

A reactor rod 54 is mounted concentrically in spaced relationship inside reactor tube 52 to provide an annular space or reaction chamber Have fun with it consyruction let us know how it works out! By simply changing the position of the electrode to the center of the plasma field, the turbulence is eliminated, thus more usable energy is created.

Also, such fuels having some water content have also been used. The fuel pretreater of the invention is a novel discovery in that it allows me to successfully operate fuel burning equipment using alternate fuels. A novel fuel pretreater apparatus and method for pretreating an alternate fuel to render it usable as the fuel source for fuel burning equipment such as internal combustion engines, furnaces, boilers, and turbines, includes a volatilization chamber into which the alternate fuel is received.