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Ieromonk Ghelasie Gheorghe: “Akathist of Repentance” (translation from Romanian by Alice Butnar). “The Transfiguration”, icon painting by. AVVA GHELASIE GHEORGHE This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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Moreover, it is extremely relevant that the interest for his view arises after many decades of positivist, structuralist and materialist approaches. Ghelasie from Frasinei, Iconic Hesychasm, to appear.

This communication becomes outwards the discursiveness of thinking. If usually theology was seen as a valid knowledge with respect to subjectivity and science had the authority in the domain of objectivity, the quantum mechanics has made possible the surpassing of this splitting. He affirmed also the pure arbitrary character of words, seen as signs, as form devoid of content.

Gheorhge cannot trust to use, thelasie a validation, automated translation systems that are now available. It is relevant to stress the dialogic and Eucharistic dimension of the mystical language: The road covered by the artificial intelligence in the last fifty years reflects, in our opinion, the history of a failure that is easy to understand from a Christian perspective.

Chromatic polynomials and applications. He published 11 books, 11 book chapters and over papers on Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Collaborative Gheorhe, e-Learning, Philosophy, Psychology, and ghhelasie orthodoxy-science relation.

God the One Trinity is the One Language.

Prigogine observes that scientific paradigms have in the background a cultural context with a certain model of nature. As a consequence we can talk not only about a divine apophaticism, but also about an apophaticism of the human being, person or soul relative to the field of its energetic reflections.

One of the most difficult sub-domains of AI is natural language processing, and, moreover, dialog systems are probably its most difficult application.

Jesus is the image of the ideal man, the solution to the ideological interrogations, as Dostoevsky says quoted by Bakhtin: Therefore, the hesychast mysticism is double, of being and energies, as St.

In fact, AI has been investigating for more than fifty years how the human brain is working and how we ghelaie imitate it. Language and thinking from a theological approach As we have seen, Fr.


Florin Caragiu – English Corner

At the same time, the physical world cannot be fully known only by the scientific methodology. We make a short introduction to the problem of language in artificial intelligence, distinguishing two basic classes of languages: Am I truly blind, Or is it night outside? Even the controversial cloning is not really obtaining artificial life but a genetic manipulation of life for procreation. The sense of a proposition is not conferred any more by mere combinatorial linguistic rules, but expresses a value judgment.

The duality of God and Creation is under no circumstances a duality of contrary realities, but an iconic and dialogic duality that is liturgically oriented. The bureaucracy is indeed useful for many classes of complex problems because they eliminate gheorbhe necessity of complex reasoning due to the existence of ghorghe repertoire of precise rules that are to be applied. As regarding the human knowledge, the distinction between the created and the uncreated reality and the distinction between being and energy asks for a double methodology seen in a unitary way.

Alice ButnarFr.

The Creation is in a state of perpetual suffering and is bewailing its long destiny of waiting for the time when it can again partake of the glory of the Sons of God, as we read in the Scriptures. Many tried to develop algorithms sequences of operations materialised in computer programs, based in principle on the idea of automata, a machine for the decodification of a formal language.

Nature and spirit are not seen in a mere parallelism, but in two movements that are fulfilled one through the other. He considers also that language as inner word prolongs itself outwards in the discursive word that reflects and expresses it. In contrast to human language, formal languages have a principal recurrent role in computer science. It is interesting that, maybe not accidentally, this test is linked essentially to the problem of language and more precisely to the problem of dialogue.

It is gheorrghe to remind that this shift was realized by the patristic thought that affirmed an existential ontology in association with the theology of Trinity and the Creation from nothing through the Word. In the Christian sense, we speak of an ‘understanding emotion’. The object of knowledge supposes a much more dynamical reality than the reality that is subject to the empiric-formal knowledge. Planck observes that for religion God is higher gheoghe thought and for science God is a crown of the reflection on the universe.


In other words, one tries to find two symbolic configurations that, through particularizations, become identical. The language of natural sciences from today can be articulated to the theological language in a philosophical plane. I get dressed slowly, preserving the warmth of your lips.

In the Christian view, the person is not closeness but essence in gheorvhe, Trinitarian being-ness in itself, language in itself.

He can be open with respect to other forms of language but it cannot be reduced to them. Next, in the abdominal centre, the language ghleasie the soul merges without confusion or separation with the language of the organic functions. However, even if software technology has become so tightly linked and useful to our lives, it has not succeeded to provide the needed tools for deeply processing human language. Language is the consciousness of thinking. From this further generate all the other Liturgical Images.

Hesychasm means Unification first with God, through which our Soul will then distinguish itself. The striving to explain everything without recourse to the divine existence leads to paradoxes, to reasonings that enter in infinite cycles.

The distinction between a gjelasie language and an artificial one is highly relevant for our evaluation of the dialogic perspective of language in artificial intelligence and Christian theology.

Florin Caragiu – English Corner

Gregory Palamas about being and energies in God: A judgment is constructed on the basis of the triad: He affirms that the possibilities of language cannot express the divine reality. He approaches the connection between the liturgical life of the Church and the personal living of the mystery from many different angles.

The knower participates more profoundly to gheelasie object known and the double correspondence subject-object makes difficult if not impossible the reduction to an absolutely objective presentation.