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One of the first books I read on MPB was “Mai più calvi” (= “Never more bald”) of the italian man Giovanni Serri Pili. He claimed that he was. Online shopping from a great selection at Kindle Store Store. abetz85 wrote: This is the link of the book: Piu-Calvi-Giovanni-Serri-Pili But I warn you it’s wrote in Italian.

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Over the years, thousands of MDA forum readers have contributed their questions, support and insight with fellow community members.

To continue to the forum, just close this window. Today’s Posts Member List. Castor Oil to Re-Grow Hair.

Previous 1 2 Next. Castor Oil to Re-Grow Hair I got a trim Friday and my stylist told me that I have a lot of spots where hair is missing on my head my husband likes to twist my hair and pull the knots out, that is the cause of this. She recommended that I try castor oil to rgrow the hair that I’ve lost. I want to know if others have had success with this and if I’m doing this correctly. I’ve read where you need to mix it with a thinner oil like olive oil and apply it to a wet head.

I’ve never heard giovanin this Originally posted by BestBetter View Post.

Serri Pilli: another demonstration of Tom’s method – Hair Loss Is Reversible Forum

Errm punch your husband whenever he touches your hair?? I tried it for awhile, but was never very good at persisting Actually, it dries well enough to where it isn’t a greasy mess, just shiny as hell. There’s an Italian man who invented a gym to regrow the hair.

The basic exercise is to to pull your hair in order to detach the scalp from the bone, which is the main cause of hair loss.

For the ones who don’t have enough hair to pull, the secret is to corrugate your eyebrows continuously and keep the position as much as possible, always leaning your head backwards or on a side never ahead, since you need extra skin on the neck in order to corrugate well.

It’s not something fast and you need to practice a lot. THe guy who invented this passed away few years ago but with his head full of hair after having been pretty hairless for 50 years was able to regrow all his hair in 6 months. He also wrote a book but it’s only in Italian. His name is Giovanni Serri-Pili. Last edited by ItalianPaleoDude ; Thanks for this piki – at first I thought fiovanni idea was totally wacko, but it intrigued me.


Since a google search yielded all Italian language entries, I made my husband look into it he’s a native Italian speakerand from what he was explaining, it seems like this crazy technique actually works.

I’m contemplating getting the e-book and making him translate it for giiovanni. People gioavnni weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others. It is a traditional East Europenian method. The trick is not to expect immediate results.

I never managed a year, but a few months, yes. It always improves the appearance of hair, it grows thicker and darker. In particular, it helped me with hair loss after pregnancy.

Poll for the guys doing manual methods at least months – Page 4

I am sure without castor oil I’d be bold by now. The castor oil is also used by ladies to make eyelashes thicker and longer – I did it in my teens religiously. Rub it carefully into the skull and the roots. Wrap a newspaper and a towel – or just an old towel that you don’t mind losing to this process tightly around to keep everything nice and moist.

Have a leasury bath or do whatever works for you for hours. Then giovannj an egg, whip it with a fork and rub in – do it in the shower stand or in the bath, lol, it leaks!

In a few minutes wash off everything with warm water gently. If hair fills oily, use another egg or egg yolk. Enjoy the shine and full fill the very next day! But to achieve a really lasting results, yeah, you have to persist! Last edited by Leida ; All I could serrii from it is that you need to pull on your hair for awhile and it should work.

I could either A get all learned up on Italian or B let your husband read the book and you could relay the info here. I have hair, it’s just not as thick as it used to be when I was a youngin’. Where did you find the ebook?

I searched and couldn’t find it. Yes, the method works, but you need to corrugate and pull your hair a lot.


Hair Loss Is Reversible Forum

Not just 5 minutes a day. It’s not only this then. In the book it explains several techniques on how to sit, sleep, he also invented a special chair to sit in a favorable position and a band to put around the head giovnni night in order to keep detaching the scalp from the bone.

This guy was crazy about his hair. I never met him but I know a person who met him once and explained all his techniques. Recently I heard that a guy managed to meet his sons but couldn’t get much information. In the book, he also says that this method cures psoriasis, dermatitis and other similar problems.

Actually he states that psoriasis and dermatitis are the main causes of early hair loss. It means there’s an inflammation until the point where the bulb is no more able to regrow the hair. But, at the same time, he was convinced that our bulbs never die. Not even when we get old. If you corrugate, also your eyebrows will get thicker. So guys, don’t stop pulling your hair! I have to admit, I’m really intrigued with this castor oil thing. I bought some today, mixed it half with coconut oil, and am beginning my experiment I read a lot of posts on the long hair forum from people who are using castor oil and have seen great results: Castor oil for hair growth?

And this article by Mercola on castor oil was pretty interesting, even though I’m a little on the fence about him sometimes: Every time l get frustrated with this forum, people go and post really interesting stuff I would have never thought of Originally posted by Leida View Post. Last edited by BestBetter ; Apparently, the guy used these exercises to regrow his receding hairline. I wonder how similar it is to Giovanni Serri Pili’s suggestions I don’t know if his main focus is on hairpulling, or if he also recommends exercising those muscles, too.

My Approach My Approach Continued. Grok on, Mark Sisson.