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some cases the Principal Act and/or Amendment Act may not be available. Commissioner of Police, Goonda, Neighborhood of Calcutta, Presidency Area. Goondagiri Of The Goonda Act. Karnataka government now is equipped to arrest you even before you commit an offence under the IT Act—even if it thinks you. BENGALURU: For the first time, Bengaluru police have invoked the Goonda Act against three drug traffickers.

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Start Tour No Thanks. The State TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Petition is allowed and the order of detention in CMP No.

Another drug offender booked under the Act is year-old Naveen Kumar from Pushpapura village, Shyadya post, near Kollegal, Chamarajanagar district.

They shall also give to the person against whom the report has been made, if he so desires, an opportunity of appearing in person before them to offer his explanation, and may at the instance of that person require the attendance of any other person, whose statement may support the explanation:. Inida of Police TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.


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We have heard the learned counsel for the Jharkhand High Court 0. To verify, just follow the link in the message.

Principal Secretary To Govt. Habeas Corpus by calling for the records in C. The Goonda Act has been invoked against three drug traffickers, who are repeat offenders and continued to sell drugs every time they came out of jail. Tired of reading too much text? Register Downloading laws require registration. Click to upgrade Your Package to have this feature.

Section 4 Issue of gonoda on receipt of report 1 On receipt of the report of the Commissioner of Police or of the District Magistrate, as the case may be, the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal 0. Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission.

17 rapists detained for a year under Goondas Act in Chennai

The detenu, namely, Muthuraj Muthu, Son of Selvaraj, male, aged about 29 years, is directed to be released Corpus, to call for the entire records, connected with the detention order of gonoda second respondent in Cr. The entire material discloses that the detenue has been illegally detained by: The said order is under challenge in this Habeas Corpus Petition.


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Therefore, he contends that there is no illegality in passing an order of detention. The Kerala Anti-Social Activities Prevention Act Act 34 ofSection 2 jstates ” goonda means a person who indulges in any anti-social activity or promotes or abets any illegal activity which are harmful for the maintenance foonda the public order directly or indirectly and includes a bootlegger, a counterfeiter, a lndia of environment, a digital data and copy right pirate, a drug offender, a hawala racketeer, a hired ruffian, rowdy, an immoral traffic offender, a loan shark or a property grabber”.

The State Of Karnata The detenu, namely, Praveen Praveenkumar Order of the Court was made by C.

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Himachal Pradesh High Court. Orissa High Court In a first, drug traffickers booked under Goonda Act. Goondadated As the detenu is unable to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Delhi High Court