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Ref. HWV German Title. Brockes Passion (Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus). English Title. Passion after. Barthold Hinrich Brockes was a prolific poet of the early-German Enlightenment. From a literary standpoint Brockes’s most important and, indeed, voluminous. Sunday, March 25, | P.M.. Friday, March 30, | P.M.. ​. Christ the King Lutheran Church. Rice Boulevard, Houston. The Passion is.

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Ina Hamburg city councillor and poet, Barthold Heinrich Brockes, published an oratorio libretto: The text proved hugely popular, and a number of settings were composed, most famously by Telemann and Handel. This is a big project, with a cast of soloists from across Northern Europe, and concerts in several countries — can you start by telling us a bit more broxkes it?

Traditionally, in much of the Handel literature of today, the Brockes Passion is not ranked among his masterpieces, but I have yandel quite understood why! To me, Handel here displays not only his incredible range of musical expression, but he also, importantly and unusually, uses and colours his own native language to reach an artistic level which I think far surpasses other contemporary settings by, for example, Telemann and Mattheson.


Handel was already well established in London when passion wrote the Brockes Passion.

Handel’s Brockes Passion

Why did he choose at this stage in his life grockes write a German oratorio, for a German audience? How does Handel respond to this explicitly gruesome text? And how do you go about presenting this to a modern audience?

I personally have no such qualms — we are after all squarely in borckes Baroque period! Almost every single dramatic point in the story triggers a reaction from a Daughter of Zion or a Faithful Soul.

bachsocietyhouston | Handel Brockes Passion

I personally do not think that these roles are necessarily singer-specific, so in the course of the Passion we hear individual voices expressing personal statements which should all invite an equally individual reaction from each single listener. Is the Brockes Passion really an opera in disguise?

Could you envisage it being staged? I have frequent issues with staged versions of sacred Baroque music come to think of it, also often with operas as well! With the Brockes Passion I strongly feel that the music and text alone should be sufficient to move the audience wherever they may want to go.


Handel famously recycled his music — are there any familiar tunes to listen for in the Brockes Passion? The Brockes Passion is no exception, and Handel connoisseurs will undoubtedly recognize many such re-workings, especially in regard to compositions from that particular period like the oratorios Esther and Deborah.

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The raw and realistic drama of Handel’s Brockes Passion. By Jane Shuttleworth19 February More by Jane Shuttleworth.

Brockes-Passion, HWV 48 (Handel, George Frideric)

The Sound of War: Beatson and the Royal Northern Sinfonia play rare repertoire. Jane Shuttleworth is a choral singer and recorder player, and specialises in Renaissance, baroque and modern music. Btockes lives in Durham and runs a local music listings, news and reviews site Music in Durham.

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