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Hari Path – Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj – Abhanga 1 – Pandharinath Maharaj Ki Jai Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Ki Jai..||Jai Jai Ram Krishna. Haripath is a collection of twenty-eight Abhangas revealed to the thirteenth- century Marathi sant, Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. It is recited by Varkaris each day. Haripath Haripath app. Haripath baba maharaj satarkar. Haripath Marathi video. Baba maharaj satarkar haripath. Babamaharaj satarkar.

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Pandharinath Maharaj Ki Jai.

हरी पाठ | Amit Chakradeo Inc. – – Mon Jun 19 AM

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Ki Jai. We are so busy and engrossed in worldly life that we forget Bhagwan! Bhagwan however is so loving that even if we sit in front of His altar for just a moment each day with all humility and pray sincerely then He bestows us all 4 kinds of lurics. His rememberance is all that we need to do. What are these Four kinds of salvations?

They are Salokya, Samipya, Sarupya, and Sayujya. All these come under what is known as Saguna Attainment, meditation on God as adorned with all the good qualities.

Hari Path – Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj – Abhanga 1

In “salokya-mukti” the departed soul goes to ishta-loka the abode of the Personal God, such as the abode of Vishnuand stays there blissfully enjoying His presence. The mind will say ‘I am so near the Palace of the King; He is here only!

Still greater freedom is “Sarupya”, assuming the same form of God; you become an ambassador of God. God has given you the powers which He wields.

The ambassador has practically hzripath the powers of the kingdom which he represents; he can speak for the whole country of which he is the lyrisc. When you see the attendant of God, you cannot know whether He is God Himself or is an attendant; he will shine like God Himself, though he is not God.

This is called Sarupya. The last one is “Sayujya”, merging in God, the Highest attainment. Here ‘merging’ is something like merging, union of milk and water.


The Sadhana of chanting Lord’s name is so simple, yet so powerful.

At the end of “Dvapara Yuga”, Narada, after traveling the world, approached Lord Brahma and asked him: I shall reveal to you the secret of all Vedas, by which you will cross over the ocean of samsara filled with the bad effects of the “Kali Yuga”.

This secret must be preserved and protected. By merely uttering the names of haripat Primeval Person, who is Bhagavan Narayana, one is freed from the clutches of Kali. By chanting name of Lord always, whether in a clean or unclean state, a seeker obtains the four kinds of liberations. That is why one should chant Sri Hari’s name incessantly.

Sri Hari’s name is so sweet that devotee forgets to count how much Punya is getting accumulated to his credit and what Siddhi is coming His way. Devotee doesn’t care for any of these. Why should I care for these little little material gains and Siddhis! Chanting Lord’s name is the most natural and simple path.

Hari Path – Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj – Abhanga 1

This is because Love is our very nature. All Vedas and Shastras will bless you with open arms. Bhagwan’s name can be chanted anywhere, anytime while commuting, while washing dishes, while caring for a child, while eating, while doing office work This strong shield protects us from all temptations, worries haripayh evil thoughts.

The continuous flow of Lord’s Love keeps flowing through us. It is an ‘All Time meditation’. Our minds are normally so agitated with different kinds of thoughts but when we chant Lord’s name incessantly all our lyrixs concentrate on one subject – Bhagwan and His attributes! We find great peace and love.

The oyrics of our thoughts improves due to constant awareness of Bhagwan. Bhagwan is one by knowing whom everything is known. Lord reveals the knowledge of all Vedas and Shastras to such devotee.

Here is a little story – Once, when Janabai went to the temple of Hari;ath at Pandharpur, she was inspired to write poetry on the Lord Himself, which is known as Abhangas, the Lord appeared and taking the papers haripaath writing material, he started to write, whatever Janabai sang voluntarily.


Just then, Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj entered the temple, so the Lord, tried to hide the writing materials, but Sant Dnyaneshwar Mahara was very smart and knew what was happening.

I assure you that, those who lyricw the Abhangas written by Janabai, will certainly go to Moksha get salvation. He drove Arjuna’s chariot, He provided clothes to Draupadi, He councelled them and protected them against all odds. Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj assures us that if we chant Lord’s name Lord will take care of us like He took care of Pandavas.

He will give us right thinking. He will carry all our burdens for us. He will protect us from all evil. Chanting Bhagwan’s name is “to be with Bhagwan all the time”.

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