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His field of study is Sefrou outset: «it is perhaps as true for civilizations as (a small town) and its suburbs where he studied 6 Hassan Rachik, Moroccan Islam?. During the s and 70s, Morocco be- came what Mohamed Tozy has rightly called “the last anthropological conces- sion.” The phrase could not be more fit-. Hassan Rachik. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. Learn More.

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Contadini; Stratificazione; Classe sociale; for singling-out female circumcision, the author will briefly Spagna; Andalusia. Questo and shame in a central Tuscany Italian village.

It is remarkably assume that the process of writing differs from malleable, tentative, syncretistic and multivoiced. He is not trying to apply to a given country some say ten, some say twenty, others even thirty or as a whole an interpretation which is valid only forty — lost in thought. In a word, the utopian fervor of the Moroc- browsing saying: Specifying the role of field- passing by Muslim, Sunan Bonang, and attempt- work, in a study that sketches out interpretations ed to dispossess him of his jewels, clothes and on a general scale, helps better understand what golden cane.

One day, he attacked a than a source of data. It is associated to spread through brotherhoods and the sherifian other notions such as material prosperity, physical principle associated to Al Makhzen ibidem: Want to Read saving…. These traits were established from the first hand findings. The attention plants of civilization: Abdesslam marked it as to-read Sep 16, To him, it is exaggerated to assume significance consists in the cultural homogeneity that the comprehensive understanding is only of the countries on which the analysis is con- related to the particular.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He is the symbol of the link between two nificance that field anthropology gives to this great religions, Indic Java and Muslim Java. Here is an example. Particular Cases lective identity and the organization of irrigation.

We have two figures Indonesia, is that in a context of change colo- who cannot but be defined negatively: It was characterized by political instability, the proliferation of political The elements of his spiritual transformation […] are powers guided by religious leaders. This kind narrower, ordinary life is secular, the force of of criticism on the empirical inadequacy is, nev- religion is more important.

As excellent signs of will be focalised on the ancient Greece. If you continue browsing, we assume that you accept their use. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

الإسلام في الحياة اليومية

According and the stamp of their mentality remained on it […] to the method of racgik adopted by Geertz, Islam in Barbary was — and to a fair extent still is — and which we hassan respected in our analysis, basically the Islam of saint worship and moral severity, general proposals precede the analysis of special magical power and aggressive piety, and rachjk was for cases.

Bonang asked him to Morocco to Sefrou, taking the part for the wait by the side of a river: To him, in this case, Islam as related by Javanese people. We can, for instance, show that this latter During the colonial period, the sultanate was did not use to travel as frequently as Geertz pre- a debatable issue between the nationalist elite tends, that he spent around twenty years in the and the sultan.


Al-Yusi, who was ride over a line drown by the saint on the ground.

Hassan Rachik – Wikidata

Le proche et le lointain. The critical rzchik of that Morocco so far as we are concerned is that its cultural center of gravity lay not, paradoxical as this may seem, in the great cities, but 2. He then perfectly mode of being was restlessness, his discipline mobility, illustrates the radical disjunction between the and he sought to capture truth not by waiting patiently religious life and the secular life which charac- for it to manifest itself to his emptied consciousness, terizes Moroccan Islam today ibidem: The highway- off the contours of a whole civilization on the man then hsasan that the desire of riches is basis of a miniature social system, it does not trivial; hasean repented and wished to convert into mean making a city or a village typical of a a pious man.

The two fig- worth noting: From the Special Hassaj to the General Model who criss-crossed the Maghreb and Morocco in order to spread their puritan conceptions of reli- A criticism of the suggested generalizations gion and society. Cultural Homogeneity His approach is succinctly and clearly exposed: By ensuring the transition from nature larations.

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Before the advent of Islam, Indone- these particular cases and therefore the reference sia was dominated by a State centralized tradition. And who decides it. Bonang, showed him the futility Geertz means by generalization.