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Tuesday, 19 May Globalization is not global westernization according to Amartya Sen in his article “How to judge globalism”. There is no time. Amartya Sen. “How to Judge Globalism”. Many critics see globalization as a western curse. But in fact it is not one way (west to east) nor is it necessarily a curse. In the article “How to Judge Globalism,” Amartya Sen provides a history of globalism. She talks how globalization is a two way street where in.

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They have not necessarily taken the form of increased Western influence. These mathematical innovations reached Europe mainly in the last quarter of the tenth century and began having an impact in the early years of the last millennium, playing an important part in the scientific revolution that helped to transform Europe. The “Westernizers,” such as the redoubtable Thomas Babington Macaulay, saw no merit whatsoever in Indian tradition.

How to Judge Globalism | Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

During these decades, when military overlords–Mobuto Sese Seko or Jonas Savimbi or whoever–busted social and political arrangements and, ultimately, economic order as well in Africa, they could rely on support either from the United States and its allies judeg from the Soviet Union, depending on their military alliances.

Aamartya this is the source of the modern word sine. On the other side, the apologists of globalization point to their belief that the poor who participate in trade and exchange are mostly getting richer.

I have tried to identify some of the main problems in my book Development as Freedom Knopf, Sen on globalization Tuesday, 19 May Articles By Amartya Sen.


And today, the same principle applies, though in the reverse direction from West to East. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The principal challenge relates to inequality–international as well as intranational. To illustrate, consider the world at the beginning of the last millennium rather than at its end. The technology of printing was, of course, entirely an achievement of the Chinese. Altering Global Arrangements However, can those less-well-off groups get a better deal from globalized economic and social relations without dispensing with the market economy itself?

Internationally, we need fair trade, medical initiatives, educational exchanges, technological dissemination, ecological and environmental restraints, and fair treatment of accumulated debts incurred by irresponsible military leaders of the past.

Rather, the main issue is how to make good use of the remarkable benefits of economic intercourse and technological hlw in a way that pays adequate attention to the interests of the deprived and the underdog. And it was translated into Chinese by a half-Turk!

Indeed, the world leaders who express deep frustration at the “irresponsibility” of antiglobalization protesters lead the countries that make the most money in this terrible trade. When a modern mathematician in Boston invokes an algorithm to solve a difficult computational problem, she may not be aware that she is helping to commemorate the Arab mathematician Mohammad Ibn Musa-al-Khwarizmi, who flourished in the first half of the ninth century.

But that soemthing is not stopping globalization, but improving the sharing of its benefits. What has happened in Europe, America, Japan, and East Asia has important messages for all smartya regions, and we cannot go very far into understanding the nature of globalization today without first acknowledging the positive fruits of global economic contacts.

The arms are used with bloody results–and with devastating effects on the economy, the polity, and the society.

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Before the issue of gender justice became an explicitly recognized concern as it has in recent decadesthere were attempts to dismiss the issue of unfair arrangements within the family by suggesting that women did not need to live in families if they found the arrangements so unjust. Ergo–the argument runs–globalization is not unfair to the poor: Similar incidents happening all across the globe have resulted in anti globalization.


Likewise, one cannot rebut the charge that the global system is unfair by showing that even the poor gain something from global contacts and are not necessarily made poorer.

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Other issues include improving access to lifesaving drugs for diseases like AIDS, and the global trade in arms and weapons which feed local wars and military conflicts. It was also argued that since women as well as men benefit from living in zmartya, the existing arrangements could not be unfair.

Ch. 2: How to Judge Globalism

But it would be a great mistake to see globalization primarily as a feature of imperialism. On this point, there is substantial agreement among many proponents and opponents. Omissions and Commissions The injustices that characterize the world are closely related to various omissions that need to be addressed, particularly in institutional arrangements.

However, can those less-well-off groups get a better amarfya from globalized economic and social relations without dispensing with the market economy itself? The real issue concerns how fairly benefits associated with these respective arrangements are distributed.