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The Devils Of Loudun . Huxley’s vivid account of this bizarre tale of religious and sexual obsession transforms our understanding of the medieval world. The Devils of Loudun: Aldous Huxley: most important later works are The Devils of Loudun (), a detailed psychological study of a historical incident in . A remarkable true story of religious and sexual obsession, The Devils of Loudon is considered by many to be Brave New World author Aldous.

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When Lenina and Bernard visit a savage reservation, we experience how Utopia can destroy humanity.

It’s not as though he buys the idea of a spritual world without first exploring the possibility that some spiritual experiences are actually manifestations of mental disorders. Yet rereading the text somehow did not depress me this time.

The Devils of Loudun | work by Huxley |

Born inshe was now in her middle twenties, her face rather pretty, but her body diminutive almost to dwarfishness and slightly deformed – presumably by some tubercular infection of the bones.

Check out lpudun top books of the year on our page Best Books of Grandier was probably sexually promiscuous and too insolent to his peers. Non facile, ma caldamente raccomandabile. It was the time when revolts and civil wars were common, and Roman emperors merely lasted for a year.

The Devils of Loudun

Saying that, however, I wonder if younger readers will agree. Then he was burned at the stake for witchcraft.

We get to know one of them very well. Nov 01, Mark rated it it was decils Recommends it for: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I mean, to bill it as a history book or a book about politics would be equally misguided. He didn’t always put in the translations.


Writings on Psychedelics and the Visionary Experience Also, I wish I knew french or latin for the random excerpts he quoted from other books. I’ve read many historical novels, but none like this. This is a book that should be read. He could have drawn generalized conclusions but, instead, he takes the more specific approach of condemning only the finding of this trial.

He was accused of seducing an entire convent of Ursuline nuns and of being in league with the devil. So, on the face of it, the book is about the disastrous mix of Church and State in early 17th Century France. When their canon died, Soeur Jeanne invited Grandier to take his place, but he declined, as he already had enough to do. I was as happy to close the book as any kid on the last day of class.

Urbain Grandier was a priest burned at the stake at LoudunFrance on 18 August It’s never less than well researched and well reasoned. Rather, it is an incredibly insightful meditation on the pious life, the ordeals of the devout, and the mysterious workings of God.

The Devils Of Loudun

Reading this produces the interesting sensation of having digested a number of closely related yet separate books, in the time it devols to read one book The Devils of Loudun was first published inI think, and when I finished reading it, I thought about all the stuff I read in school, the critical theory that’s come out of the academic community and the religious and political discourse that’s come out sinceand I just felt like something had gone terribly wrong.

Excellent book – occasionally gets “into the weeds. The romance of Soeur Jeanne, if held in the right light, assumes a comic aspect. However; if you focus only on the story of Grandier’s martyrdom, presented in perhaps too realistic shades of grey, you I found a Vintage Classics paperback version of this book dfvils the Warsaw airport a while back, and reading it caused me to immediately buy several more of Hixley books.


Got interested in reading this book after seeing Ken Russell’s “The Devils” the other month.

The Devils Of Loudun : Aldous Huxley :

Otherwise, just appreciate the way Huxley weaves his thorough understanding of history, philosophy, and loudin through this book. There are substantial passages in French that are beyond me and the German vocabulary is extraordinary in the context of a novel.

He also approaches a very difficult subject huxpey enormous sympathy, showing a balanced view of all elements of the drama and conjuring a unique portrait of life at this time punctuated with philos Certainly not the easiest of books to read, but beautifully written and an astonishing story so well worth persevering with.

With this Labramont gets frustrated and manipulates the confession by saying that one who is possessed can not tell the truth and continues with the execution. Nuxley see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Aldous Huxley Narrated by: He had antagonised the Mother Superior, Sister Jeanne of the Angels, when he rejected her offer to become the spiritual advisor to the convent.