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Editorial Reviews. Review. King Arthur has fascinated young people for centuries, I Am Mordred – Kindle edition by Nancy Springer. Download it. What will a person give to forsake his destiny? From his very incarnation, Mordred has been a pawn in Camelot’s history. Foretold by Merlin that. 3 – 4Hours to read. 50kTotal words. I Am Mordred – A Tale from Camelot audiobook by Nancy Springer,Steven Crossley. Also available as: Audiobook.

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The shocking discoveries and revelations that unfold help create a sense of mystery leading to a never-ending read. A Tale from Camelot. To simply put it, I Am Mordred: A Tale of Camelot is an absolute read because Springer’s talent in writing shines threw this piece of work and then will shine unto you. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Mordred only wants his father’s love, but Camelot believes Merlin’s prophecy, Arthur’s killer. The doomed narrator, forever dressed in black, fights his destiny.

Only lovely Nyneve believes the lad can be good, traps manipulator Merlin, gives boy white pup Gull, takes them to his mother’s castle. Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about I Am Mordredplease sign up.

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Is this too young for a 14 year old? GypsyBookworm This is not a difficult book and it’s not really not the best book to get a grip on Mordred as a character anyway though so I really don’t recommend.

See 1 question about I Am Mordred…. Lists with This Book. Her voice was soft and made me think of wild roses, as did the softness of her pale pink mouth, as did her fragrance, light and fresh and free.

As a baby, Mordred’s father, Mordfed Arthur, tried to kill him, by sending him, and a group of newborn babies, to the sea, because of Merlin’s prophecy that he would kill King Arthur later on in his life. Years, and years passed, and now, Mordred returns to Camelot to meet his father, and see if he really wpringer a terrible and evil man, that he saw him as.

This novel surprised the hell out of me. It started out slow, and at the beginning, I even thought about putting it sprunger, but after 50 pages or so, the story got so interesting sprinyer I finished the novel in one sitting.

I loved reading about these characters, the struggles they faced, and the amazing world of King Arthur. I loved how Mordred was presented, and how he was just a human being that was wronged by his father. To conclude, if you’re a fan of this mythology, I definitely recommend picking it up, and struggling through the beginning, to get to the amazing rest of the novel.

Feb 15, Kat Hooper rated it liked it Shelves: Originally posted at FanLit. Why does Mordred, the man who eventually brings down the whole shebang, get such short shrift?


Mordree maybe Originally posted at FanLit. In her novel I Am Mordred, Nancy Springer flips the legend, brings the traitorous Mordred to tragic life, and makes him easy to sympathize with. Can Mordred find love? Can he defy his fate, or is he destined to fulfill nsncy I Am Mordred is a short sad novel with a sympathetic anti-hero.

In addition Springer explores such subjects as the nature of family, love, loneliness, original sin, self-determinism, fate and free will, honor, shame and guilt, and the function of the soul.

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I Am Mordred is marketed to children aged 10 and up. I enjoyed this production. One of the most enigmatic and mysterious characters of Arthurian legend is Arthur’s illegitimate son, Mordred. Unfortunately, he is also one of the least explored. In a market flooded with preachy, badly-written Arthuriana, “I Am Mordred” shines like a rare, dark gem. The book opens with King Arthur sadly setting dozens of newborn babies adrift on the ocean.

Several years later, we see a young boy living peacefully with a fisherman and his wife. Their happy lives are interrupted when a woman name One of the most enigmatic and mysterious characters of Arthurian legend is Arthur’s illegitimate son, Mordred.

Their happy lives are interrupted when a woman named Nyneve rides in to bring Mordred back to his biological family, the royal family of Lothian. However, they are not pleased to see him. He soon finds out why: Shocked by this, Mordred goes to Camelot and soon begins craving his father’s love and acceptance.

He is also terrified of the prophecy that he will kill Arthur, and does everything he can to fight it. But can he fight his destiny, or only fulfil it? One of the primary themes is whether a person is “born bad”; Mordred has, in his lifetime, done nothing wrong.

Yet he is treated as a pariah by the people around him. His loneliness is broken only by Nanyc and by Mordred’s dog, Gull. While traditional Arthurian legends seem to be based around the idea of Mordred being evil because of his incestuous conception, Springer simply breaks those ideas apart. Nobody is simply born to be evil.

Destiny and fate are some of the items that are also explored: Mordred seeks a way to avoid fulfilling the prophecy, but risks fulfilling it through avoidance. King Arthur is a good supporting character, surprisingly complex. Springer portrays him as an essentially good man who committed a terrible crime in an effort to save himself and his kingdom, and who regrets it. He wants to love Mordred as Mordred wants to be loved, but is as afraid of the prophecy as Mordred is.

Like “I am Morgan Le Fay”this book is more of a psychological work that raises new questions to previous assumptions. I definitely recommend this book to all fans of Camelot. Title I Am Mordred: View all 4 comments.

A surprisingly complex book. Mordred, for those of mmordred who aren’t aware, is a figure from Arthurian legend. The illegitimate son of King Arthur was demonized in the original text due to his birth.

: I Am Mordred: A Tale of Camelot (): Nancy Springer: Books

Here, his side of the story is told. And it’s not as simple as misunderstood softie. Instead, it’s a study into the idea of fate and self-fulfilling prophecy. Mordred has been marked as the man who will kill King Arthur since his birth, which caused the king to cast all the babies of his kingdom out into A surprisingly complex book. Mordred has been marked as the man who will kill King Arthur since his birth, which caused the king to cast all the babies of his kingdom out into the sea.


Having survived this ordeal and arriving at a fishing village in which his childhood is spent, Mordred is then picked up by a woman named Nyneve, who becomes his closest friend, and the one who is determined to see to it Mordred does not kill Arthur. I Am Mordred’s main theme is fatalism versus our ability to decide. King Arthur comes off as a very nice man who has made poor decisions in his past.

Indeed, aside from Nyneve, Arthur is the person nicest to Mordred. But he seems resigned to the notion of Mordred as his executioner.

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The question that I Am Mordred asks is: Once Mordred succumbs to the idea of fate, he becomes more brazen, unwillingly and regretfully yet constantly moving towards what he perceives as his destiny. But what truly causes this?

What is fated to happen is not known, but is fate simply a perception? Anything can be claimed to be “fated to happen”. What is the answer? That question and its answer Or lack thereof is what made I Am Mordred a highly memorable read and one of my favorite stories from It’s truly a shame that it’s so underrated. If there is one mistake that this book makes, it’s in the ending. The epilogue answers questions that were, in my opinion, more interesting to ponder and think sprigner on our own.

Though I concede that the bird was a clever plot point, I think that the ending simply lacks the ambiguity that made the rest of the story so good, and is a low point in a story that is otherwise well-written, well-thought-out, and surprisingly complex.

Mordred is one of my favorite YA characters, the world is well-built, and morderd themes truly are a joy to read. This book is truly worth a read. La Springer, invece, fa di Mordred la voce narrante: Cosa vuol dire essere la persona destinata ad uccidere il proprio padre, a distruggere tutto. Questo Mordred vive costantemente lo stigma sociale: A questo si aggiunge il dilemma interiore: Mordred lo odia per questo. Qui abbiamo il punto di vista di Mordred, ma soprattutto abbiamo il punto di vista di una pedina che cerca disperatamente di opporsi al suo destino senza speranza di infrangerlo: A questo si aggiungono sprinher paio di cose legate al target: