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Go to the Web for instructions, No. Yes. Yes. No. Installation Guide. Install the server in the rack, if required. xSeries View and Download IBM Xseries maintenance manual online. Xseries Server pdf manual download. This manual provides information about installing the IBM® Remote Supervisor . v IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter User’s Guide . xSeries Type

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Install the low profile 2-U bracket on the adapter: Field replaceable units FRUs must be serviced only by qualified field service technicians.

Don’t have an account? When you install an adapter in the server, be sure that it is completely and correctly seated in the connector. System-board Switches And Jumpers System-board switches and jumpers The following illustration shows the location of the switch block SW2 on the system board.

Open the adapter retainer and slide the expansion-slot cover out of the server or PCI riser-card assembly. Failed diskette drive test 2. One microprocessor and VRM e. Durante il sollevamento della macchina seguire delle norme di sicurezza.

Enter text from picture: Rerun the test with a different diskette. For additional information about USB version 1. Turning Off The Server Turning off the server Complete the following steps to manually turn off the server: If you removed the PCI riser-card assembly to install the adapter, press the PCI riser-card x3455 firmly into the connector and tighten manaul two captive screws.


Power supply Power cage assembly System board Notes: ServeRAID adapter in slot s is not configured properly.

Removing the cover and bezel The following illustration shows how to remove the cover and bezel. Page Chapter 8. Ethernet 1 activity LED: Set the adapter down on a nonconductive, static-protected surface place it component side up.

Viewing the test log When the tests are completed, you can view the test log by selecting Utility from the top of the screen and then selecting View Test Log. Some application programs require specific ports, and some modems function properly only at certain communication port addresses.

Customer replaceable units CRUs can be replaced by the customer.

IBM eServer xSeries Servers — Fast, , , GHz, MHz/ KB L2 cache, and

Verify that all of the option hardware and cable connections are secure. The server supports a maximum of three PCI buses.

Verify that a startable operating system is installed. Remove the air baffle from the empty microprocessor socket.

IBM Xseries 345 8670 Maintenance Manual

System-board switches and jumpers The following illustration shows the location of the switch block SW2 on the system board. This limited access might include changing or deleting the power-on password. Click Add selected drives to add the drives to the array. Power Checkout Power checkout Power problems can be difficult to solve.


Major components of the xSeries Type server The following illustration shows the major components in your server. When toggled to On, this switch forces the power on, overriding the power-on button.

Page Whenever memory or an option is changed, you must update the configuration. If the diagnostic programs do not detect any hardware errors but the problem persists during normal server operations, a software error might be the cause. The latest information available concerning these messages will be made available at the IBM Support Web site at http: When this occurs, work to correct the cause of the first error message.

Diagnostic Tools Overview Diagnostic tools overview The following tools are available to help you identify and resolve hardware-related problems: The lithium battery must be handled correctly to avoid possible danger.

Never remove the cover on a power supply or any part that has the following label attached. System reliability considerations To help ensure proper cooling and system manua, make sure that: For IBM devices not supported by this index, refer to the manual for that device.

General safety Follow these rules to ensure general safety: Table Of Contents Troubleshooting the Ethernet controller