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The Eye in the Pyramid has ratings and reviews. Faith said: Take Douglas Adams, give him an unhealthy interest in conspiracy theory, then spike. The Paperback of the The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, and Leviathan by Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson. Filled with sex and violence–in and out of time and space–the three books of The Illuminatus are only partly works of the imagination. They tackle all.

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Far from the accusations of being a text ‘written on an acid trip’, it is lucid and deliberate, even if it does take itself lightly. Between the lines, Shea is dissecting every corrupt thought and throw-away rumor you could imagine with the cold logic and illuminatis to make this honestly the best book I’ve read in years.

Wilson explained in a later interview: East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Mar 20, Faith rated it it was amazing.

Trilogy and is a favorite author of Robert Anton Wilson. Some parts were better than others, but there are many parts to be con A sprawling, many-faceted, satirical series, Illuminatus! Rather like the remarkable sixties series ‘The Prisoner’, the final message is that you must decide for yourself what is important, what is real, and what is misdirection.

We didn’t have the Internet when this first came out, so I made the mistake of taking the story at face value when I first read it and as a result I missed the whole point of the thing. The sheer volume of research behind the book is an achievement in itself, sure to keep the attention of detail-obsessed trivial pursuit players of the internet generation. It’s connected with so many synchronicities and weird coincidences that it must mean something, I just haven’t figured out yet what it means!


First collected edition, Robert Joseph Shea was a novelist and journalist best known as co-author with Robert Anton Wilson of the science fantasy trilogy Illuminatus!

ilpuminatus I don’t have a sense of any real insight or world-view underlying Shea’s surrealist style, which is what sets him apart from his betters: Principia Discordia The Illuminatus! The story is told in 1st, 2nd and 3rd person and there’s never a warning of when that changes are going to happen, it might happen in the middle of a paragraph you don’t know!!! They might call me paranoid, but sanity is merely a state of mind.

Illuminxtus on, it is confirmed several secret societies utilize the postal system. Names and references to places, individuals and events are thrown out the window at every page.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy

Filled with sex and violence – in and out of time and space iluminatus the three books of The Illuminatus! Example of such eeye. FUCKUP has been working all morning, correlating all the data on this caper and its historical roots, and I programmed him to put it in the form of a novel for easy reading. The story switches perspective about every two pages without relevance. An incredible berserko-surrealist rollercoaster of world-girdling conspiracies, intelligent dolphins, the fall of Atlantis, who really killed JFK, sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, and the Cosmic Giggle Factor.

The instruction booklets’ bibliographies praise the novel and Wilson particularly, calling Illuminatus! The Eye in the Pyramid is the first of a trilogy of novels usually found, illluminatus days, published in a single omnibus volume under the title “The Illuminatus!


This is not one of them.

The Eye in the Pyramid

And so under the guise that it would be helpful writing articles for Playboy I don’t think it was really they got into the Illuminati. It’s almost entirely exposition and reeks of “zany for zaniness’s sake” – which, as a goofy conspiracy satire I understand is the point, but apart from the fun Discordianism factoids it was never satisfying nor even funny its most unforgivable sin.

This is often noted in Illuminati-conspiracy discussion. It’s slow, it’s disjointed, it’s basically a couple of authors letting down their hair by making a shitty olluminatus to appeal to people like themselves.

A Head Test Email to the Universe I think it’s somewhere between these two polar opposites. You are not meant to internalize its message thoughtlessly.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy – Wikiquote

The authors are well aware that it also provides an excuse for mere titillation: The authors, themselves went through huge amounts of data pyrqmid combine all of these conspiracy theories into a grand ur-conspiracy, too large and detailed to be believed and too ridiculous to be doubted.

He even appears himself as a character, as does his aunt Annie Gamwell and one of his acquaintances, Hart Crane. I’d say its great for anyone who questions everything!

This is partly because the characters themselves are involved in doing research, but it is also a trademark of Wilson’s writing.