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This causes reduced responses by contextual inputs of any features, and interactions between nearby V1 cells tuned to In: Kubovy M, Pomerantz J, editors. If you have any supplemental information about the identity listed here, please click in this box to go to the contribution form. Thank you in advance! Person. The relationship between the behavior of single-celled organisms and cognition in higher animals is explored. Recent research and theory in bacterial.

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This is because more color categories further reduce inkubocy number of iso-color neighbors for each colored bar and thus the iso-color suppression, increasing responses to irrelevant color. Then, each texture region in Figure 1 C is a checkerboard pattern of two different feature values of this feature type.

This enabled us to change all text, including text embedded in images, while minimally affecting font and layout of the page. This manipulation results in that harmonic being perceived as clearly popping out of the complex as an independent object against the background of the remaining, fused, harmonics. Our results Experiments 5, 6 and 7 provide evidence for both. The selected location is often determined by the bottom-up visual inputs rather than the top-down intentions.

Psychophysical Tests of the Hypothesis of a Bottom-Up Saliency Map in Primary Visual Cortex

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited.

Journal of Vision, inkubkvy 4 They can reliably distinguish between cities e. Essentially, the existence and strength of the interference depend on the relative response levels to the task-relevant and -irrelevant features, and these response levels depend on the corresponding feature contrasts and direct input strengths.

Please review our privacy policy. Results from Binary Logistic Model for analysis of correct responses as a function of visual eccentricity in Experiment 2a. The general-purpose representation likely developed for ecologically important tasks like scene perception, but also likely supports understanding of web pages, in part because design develops to make use of existing visual processing architecture in the human visual system.


J Physiol Paris ; Subjects were paid for their participation. This similarity ensured that the visual action effects were attended to. The data suggest therefore that the introduction of a global transient had different effects on CA and CD changes: This article was submitted to Frontiers in Cognition, a specialty of Frontiers in Psychology.

Intrinsic laminar lattice connections in primate visual cortex.

Similarly, the principle of grouping by proximity is related to the finite length of the intracortical connections in V1 for contextual influences, and the principle of grouping by good continuation is related to the colinear facilitation in V1. The cognitive representation of action: Therefore, by nature of its definition, bottom-up visual saliency is computed before the input objects are identified, recognized, or decoded from the population of V1 neural responses to various primitive features and their combinations.

A 5787— [ PubMed ] Maes J. Implications for performance inkubovyy. Mind 4— Visual search for dimensionally redundant pop-out targets: Therefore the scale works in a counter-directional manner compared to pattern position rating the closest pattern would require to move to the farthest position on the rating scale.

Instructed Task Demands and Utilization of Action Effect Anticipation

Thus, inkubogy ceiling effect in stimulus-following trials with non-ambiguous stimuli was not to be expected. We investigated how choice in ambiguous trials differed after free choice inkubivy. Inverting the Simon effect by intention. Figure and ground perception in briefly presented isodipole inkybovy In: However data from the probe identification task Experiment 4 suggest that the involvement of search in disappearance detection may be limited: A large grey circle over a black background delimited the area of interest.

Stimulus locations were not decided a priori; the fixation location changed at every trial; the participant chose the location to fixate arbitrarily; there was no fixation stimulus e.

Fishman YI, Steinschneider M Temporally dynamic frequency tuning of population responses in monkey primary auditory cortex. A visual location can be salient due to two simultaneous feature contrasts. Our visual systems developed to process natural stimuli Geisler, Where is the menu? In Task 1, participants classified the pattern as symmetry or random as fast and accurately as possible. Bilateral symmetry is a ubiquitous structural property of objects, which is salient both for humans and for other animal species [ 1 — 5 ].


Results from Multilevel Linear Model for analysis of reaction times as a function of visual eccentricity in Experiment 2b. This ability is useful, for example, for quickly determining location, navigating around obstacles, detecting threats, and guiding eye movements to gather more information.

While inkubpvy impact of graded variations of stimulus discriminability on action mode remains to be explored for the future, the current data provide an example that instructions can overrule extreme cases of stimulus discriminability. Table 9 Results from analysis of correct responses. Each V1 cell [ 32 ] responds only to a stimulus within its classical receptive field CRF. Moreover, we wanted to test the link between the decrement in preference with increasing eccentricity and the difficulty in processing symmetry measured by manual reaction times and proportion of incorrect responses.

Their conclusion was also motivated by their finding that inserting silent- or noise-gaps at the time of change did not adversely affect performance, contrary to what would be expected for a low-level sensory constraint.

Online tutorials 28 e. In Experiment 2, we ask whether ads are detectable at a glance. Accuracy Task 1 is a binary dependent variable; therefore a binary logistic model was performed. All bars within a stimulus had the same saturation. Immediately after offset, participants reported whether the pattern contained more black or more white dots. In addition, action effects were either consistently compatible or incompatible in the first vs. In this study we investigated the role of visual eccentricity on the evaluation of symmetry.

Physiological data have suggested that mechanisms in the primary visual cortex V1 contribute to the high saliency of such a unique basic feature, but indicated little regarding whether V1 plays an essential or peripheral role sn input-driven or bottom-up saliency.