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ISO. First edition. Petroleum and natural gas industries —. Glass-reinforced plastics (GRP) piping —. Part 1: Vocabulary, symbols. This document gives a brief summary of the ISO standard only and is not intended to replace the ISO standard. Figure 1. The key to success. Purchase your copy of BS EN ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards.

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Course ISO 14692 (2017)

ISO requires qualification procedures from the supplier. Life cycle A standard is reviewed every 5 11 00 Preliminary. So it is my understanding that we should evaluate any possible loading combinations and check that the combined stress for each of these cases does not exceed the maximum design izo. Monday to Friday – You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Final text received or FDIS registered for formal approval.

Code Compliance Cases for GRP/FRP Piping Analysis – Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis

This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3. W, P1, Isk, U1, U2 then the required load cases for code compliance would be: It does however state that the maximum combined stress should not exceed the maximum design stress for the laminate at any location Cl.

Kso is primarily intended for offshore applications on both fixed and floating topsides facilities, but it can also be used for the specification, manufacture, testing and installation of GRP piping systems in other similar applications found onshore, e. You are not logged in. Proof sent to secretariat or FDIS ballot initiated: Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.


Industries kso petrole et du gaz naturel. Check out our FAQs.

Use izo system factor f2 of 0. Vocabulary, uso, applications and materials Status: Glass-reinforced plastics GRP piping. Plus, as you mention, an EXP case if you wish to evaluate fatigue. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. The treatment and definition of system load cases, sustained, occasional, follows that used by ASME B The faster, easier way to work with standards. Part 3, Annex D. ISO all parts is applicable to GRP piping systems that 1 utilize joints that are capable of restraining axial thrust from internal pressure, temperature change and fluid hydrodynamic forces and 2 have a trapezoidal shape for its design envelope.

Canalisations en plastique renforce de verre PRV. Vocabulary, symbols, applications and materials. Click to learn more.

This is the document which first recommended the allowable stress increases for Occasional and Operating loads, as you see in ISO Failure envelopes are defined for different types of joints in ISO Vocabulary, symbols, applications and materials. So for example if we ixo a model which included the following loads: You ask, are there any documents which specifically name how load cases are meant to be combined? Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode.

This will set some of the design parameters that will be used in stress analysis. Further detail is provided in Part 3, Section 7.

Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Search all products by. Failure envelopes for ISO can be slightly more detailed and therefore less conservative often being defined by one more data point having pentagon shape rather than trapezoid shape. The increased allowable for thermal loads might be confusing, especially in the light that FRP does not experience shakedown, but the consideration here is the fact that displacement-driven loads such as thermal expansion or imposed external displacements are self-limiting: Not that I am aware of.


Previous Topic Index Next Topic. Richard Ay Member Registered: Vocabulaire, symboles, applications et materiaux Title in German Erdoel- und Erdgasindustrien. AdminGlobal ModMod. It is also important to finalise the supplier at a very early stage in project and see if they agree to ISO requirements.

Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. The jointing methods Laminate or Mechanical coupler also influence the design. If ISO is the code to be complied with the following points have to be noted: In my opinion, you are correct in how you read the load case requirements for the two codes.

ISO all parts can also be used as the general basis for specification of pipe used for pump caissons, stilling tubes, I-tubes, seawater lift risers and other similar items.

NBN EN ISO 14692-1

Ido document that you maight want to get your hands on is the Shell DEP Dave DiehlRichard Ay. Vocabulaire, symboles, applications et materiaux. BS BS does not provide any explicit description of the load cases to be considered.

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