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The complete series list for – The Shadowdwellers Jacquelyn Frank. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history. Ecstasy (Shadowdwellers) [Jacquelyn Frank] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At one with the darkness, the mysterious Shadowdwellers. Pleasure (Shadowdwellers) [Jacquelyn Frank] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Beyond our world lies a land where darkness reigns–the.

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Even so, as a separate storyline, I thought it was well done.

Shadowdwellers Series by Jacquelyn Frank

Guin on the other hand has been crazy in love with her since the moment he met her. Valera is a rare type of witch who uses her magic for good. I couldn’t stop reading that one until the end.

View all 4 comments. The next story was the long anticipated story of Chancellor Malaya and her body guard Guin. The second story is Malaya and Guin. Shadowdwellers was the new world that was introduced to me jacqurlyn I found solace in kacquelyn dark.

I’m not trying to disrespect the author shhadowdwellers anyone who liked this novel – and obviously there were people who did – but it wasn’t my type of book I’m changing my rating system and suppose that one star matches this book the best. Frank is still an author you do appreciate.


It’s always nice to see characters we’ve come to love from previous books. I didn’t have a problem with the characters.

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There characters were entirely two dimensional and I felt cheated, since I was really interested in Sagan from the last book in this series. Instead, she accidentally kills them when her magic emits a ball of light light is deadly to Shadowdwellers turning them into ash.

Again, I was really into that story and felt cheated that it wasn’t developed with more care. She had such an awful childhood because her mother thought that she was the spawn of the devil. Books by Jacquelyn Frank.

Shadowdwellers Series

Sadly this book, which teases a story about Sagan in the summary, is very short on Sagan’s story. But once he came out and said it, why did she continue to play dumb?

The author makes it clear that they think human sexual restrictions and ineptitudes are barbaric and cannot understand them. Lots of political problems since Malaya has been informed of a law for the Queen to marry feank produce an heir.

Now that they know that Arcadia is still alive, the woman who tortured Trace, their main advisor, for a whole year, the Chancellors Malaya and her twin brother Tristan are determined to find out who she is. I counted at least 7 plot themes I’d seen in at least 4 different books from differnt authors, most remarkably J.


My very generous rating is because the idea the one behind all the plot was great.

The Shadowdwellers Series in Order – Jacquelyn Frank – FictionDB

And a prof, hsadowdwellers. I liked the spin off series but it just isn’t as good as the Nightwalkers. The World of Nightwalkers. I loved Sagan getting his HEA but everything happened so fast and was so rushed that it wasn’t very satisfying for this reader.

This series is very original in it’s genre. I liked shadowdweolers Nightwalker series very much, but it left jacqeulyn loose ends. Dear Diary, today I was sitting in my castle, everything was dark, because I’m a ‘Dweller and – wow, I just noticed that rhymes with cellar and cellars are always dark, right? The fade is like a parallel universe to the one we live in.

When she awakens she is in Sanctuary, the church of the Shadowdwellers led by High Priest Magnus who enforces the law and the morals of his people.

This is definitely on the romance and even erotic side– Much more about the relationship and the getting together for sex. We sacrifice the ultimate.